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This week on the TVFury podcast, the guys discuss the joys of NBA League Pass, the boffo college hoops doubleheader at the United Center and … Omaha?

This is what happens when you hit record without determining a topic.

Nonetheless, here’s the link.

This week on the pod, TV and Fury discuss all things college football – or at least some things college football. Namely: ESPN College Gameday going to Fargo, N.D., where the guys met.

Also, one Big Ten coach (Minnesota’s Jerry Kill) deals with health issues, while another (Nebraska’s Bo Pelini) fills up the swear jar.

Here’s the link. 


This week on the TVFury podcast, the guys lose their way.

What was supposed to be a football preview show turns into a rambling conversation about unseasonably warm weather, the methods of funding at American universities, English soccer and Keith Olbermann.

Oy. Here’s the link, nonetheless.

The TVFury podcast returns this week – and triumphantly as it has been added to the weekly lineup at the web radio station Dakota Sports FM. We assume this counts as being syndicated and that fat stacks will start showing up in our respective mailboxes.

Speaking of fat stacks, Breaking Bad is among the non-important items that the guys discuss. They also delve into the debut of Fox Sports 1 and a weak – or not? – summer for movies.

Here’s the link.

The main topic on this week’s TVFury podcast: Is Dwight Howard a great buy on the NBA free-agent market or an overrated clown.

TV has an opinion on the matter. More importantly, so does the Lakers loving Fury – he watched Howard intently last season.

The question probably comes down to this: Do teams sign free agents solely to win titles? And might Houston quietly intend to use Howard as a second banana?

Here’s the link.

Hope you’re in the mood for some first-world problems. Because I’ve got a doozy.

To be clear: I’m not asking for the creation of a House subcommittee or anything. But if we can land on the moon and tightrope across the Grand Canyon, shouldn’t we – meaning science and technology experts – be able to create smart and dependable headphones? Yes. The answer is yes. (more…)


This week, TV and Fury bang out a podcast while in neighboring states.

The story starts there with Fury talking about an epic loss to his dad in high-stakes golf and continues with analysis of the NBA playoffs.

Oh, and it turns out that NBA executives like nursing shoes. What? Exactly.

Here’s the link.

As I type this parts of South Dakota and Minnesota are under a severe winter storm warning. Yes, on April 19. Sometimes I really miss Minnesota. Other times…

This week’s links:

* So many stories from a horrific week, but S.L. Price wrote about the Boston Bruins’ first game at home after the Marathon bombing.

* Patton Oswalt delivers an impassioned Star Wars filibuster for an episode of Parks & Rec.

* And if you didn’t read Oswalt’s Facebook post after the bombings, check it out.

* For you morning TV fans, read how Matt Lauer was a mean person and got Ann Curry kicked off Today.

* From The Onion: Internet comes up with 8.5 million leads on potential Boston bombing suspect.

* Check out the comments on Deadspin where people share their favorite Rasheed Wallace moments.

* A longread from Mark Bowden in Vanity Fair about a murder mystery in Texas. 

* Legendary Division III coach Frosty Westering died and Chuck Culpepper writes a great tribute on Sports on Earth. Westering’s Pacific Lutheran teams won the 1999 title and faced John Gagliardi’s St. John’s Johnnies four straight years in the playoffs, great battles between two of the country’s unique programs.

* The San Diego Padres president blames Zack Greinke for the big brawl between his team and Greinke’s Dodgers. Includes Rain Man reference.

* This might merit a longer post at a later date: A list of 40 workspaces that inspired famously creative people. I think I speak for all (middling) writers when I say that place is one of the most important and underrated part of the process.
One of my latest go-to spots: The gym. Seriously.

* This week’s podcast of the week: The Will Leitch Experience. The former Deadspin writer (and guest on The Fury Files) has started a daily pod in conjunction with longform project Sports on Earth. To be honest, I haven’t had time to listen to it yet. But that didn’t stop me from adding it to my iPhone podcast library – a meaningful sign that I expect it to be good.

Welcome to this week’s links. It was about 80 degrees earlier in the week in New York City. Terry, the rest of Sioux Falls, my family in Minnesota and other poor souls in the Midwest did not have quite that same weather. So as you dig out or melt out, here are this week’s stories:

* Charlie Pierce’s 1997 profile of Tiger Woods is one of the most famous magazine stories ever written. On Grantland, Pierce provides a “director’s cut” of the story, which includes the fact he wrote the story in 2.5 hours.

* A shrink analyzes Don Draper.

* Bitcoins are a Ponzi scheme. What are bitcoins? I don’t really know but a co-worker told me about them awhile back and now they’re all over the news. Go buy some. Or whatever you do with them. Or don’t.

* A Minneapolis man went to great lengths in an elaborate hoax on Joel Osteen, trying to make it look like the preacher man had given up on his faith.

* From The Onion: Stripper thinks customer flirting with her.

* A high school football coach who got run over by a motorized cart at a Cowboys game is suing.

* There seems to be a growing segment of American soccer fans who watch the international game, but turn up their nose at the domestic league. Alexi Lalas and and Rog Bennett (of Men in Blazers fame) combined on a piece designed at changing that.

* TV is developing a man crush on Jalen Rose for entertaining and enlightening bits like this. More on that soon.

* Finally, the pod of the week is the last installment of the CBS Eye on College Basketball podcast for this season. These guys – Matt Norlander, Gary Parrish and Jeff Goodman – absolutely killed it with their coverage during the NCAA tournament in terms of scoops and analysis. If there’s one area that an outlet consistently tops ESPN in terms of quality, this is it. They’re also really funny, too. Have a listen.

Podcast: Back to South Africa

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Fury is heading back to South Africa. No, not for good – for a family wedding.

That’s all the excuse TV needed to rattle off a bunch of ignorant questions about the Rainbow Nation. (That’s really its nickname – Google says so.)

Here’s a link to the podcast.