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Podcast: Lottery talk

Posted: December 19, 2013 by terryvandrovec in Podcasts
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Neither TV nor Fury won the big ole Powerball this week. But they both have opinions on the matter – whether or not buying tickets and daydreaming about winning is a prudent way to spend money and time.

Here’s the link. Enjoy. (But not too much; TV increasingly is becoming anti-fun, as you can tell from the podcast.)



More foolishness on this week’s edition of the TVFury podcast as the guys muddle their way through Kobe’s return, building furniture from IKEA and buying birthday gifts for babies.

We dare you to listen to the full 23 minutes.

Here’s the link.

This week on the TVFury podcast, the guys discuss the joys of NBA League Pass, the boffo college hoops doubleheader at the United Center and … Omaha?

This is what happens when you hit record without determining a topic.

Nonetheless, here’s the link.

At long last, the NBA season is (almost) upon us.

TV and Fury take an early look at potential contenders, as well as breaking down another NBA preview podcast.

It’s all very meta.

Here’s the link.

This week on the podcast, TV and Fury embarrass themselves by trying to discuss the weird viral hit ‘What Does the Fox Say?’, a song that’s probably months old and just recently came to their attention.

Worse yet they learned about this through TV’s 9-year-old daughter. Sigh. Here’s a link to the sadness.

And here’s a link to the video itself in case you’re never seen it.

So much for having nothing to talk about.

TV and Fury end up burning this week’s podcast space by discussing the super-sized stadium experience in college football and the impending finale of Breaking Bad. Turns out they’re both fans of the show-recap industry.

Here’s the link.

This week on the pod, TV and Fury discuss all things college football – or at least some things college football. Namely: ESPN College Gameday going to Fargo, N.D., where the guys met.

Also, one Big Ten coach (Minnesota’s Jerry Kill) deals with health issues, while another (Nebraska’s Bo Pelini) fills up the swear jar.

Here’s the link. 


Podcast: Concussion discussion

Posted: September 5, 2013 by terryvandrovec in Podcasts
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This week on the TVFury podcast, the guys talk about the threat that concussion awareness does or doesn’t pose to football. They get there by previewing an upcoming work series by TV on the MMA scene.

Here’s the link.

This week on the TVFury podcast, the guys lose their way.

What was supposed to be a football preview show turns into a rambling conversation about unseasonably warm weather, the methods of funding at American universities, English soccer and Keith Olbermann.

Oy. Here’s the link, nonetheless.

The TVFury podcast returns this week – and triumphantly as it has been added to the weekly lineup at the web radio station Dakota Sports FM. We assume this counts as being syndicated and that fat stacks will start showing up in our respective mailboxes.

Speaking of fat stacks, Breaking Bad is among the non-important items that the guys discuss. They also delve into the debut of Fox Sports 1 and a weak – or not? – summer for movies.

Here’s the link.