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Kailey Vandrovec update

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Quick update on 2-year-old Kailey Vandrovec.

Kailey remains intubated at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis and you can continue to receive updates from Terry and Jess on her CaringBridge website.

Kailey has improved the past few days and there’s (extremely) guarded optimism, but she remains a very sick little girl. Please keep Kailey, Terry, Jess, big sister Mya and tiny twins Ty and Taylor in your thoughts and prayers. Please read my post from last week for more information on Kailey.

There is also a fund set up for Kailey’s expenses, available here.

Obviously the whole TVFury staff misses our co-owner tremendously, but as friends, family and strangers have followed the Vandrovecs on this terribly difficult journey, they’ve discovered something we’ve known for more than a decade: Terry and Jess are remarkable people and incredibly strong. So’s Kailey.

Ricky Rubio’s made three more jump shots than I have this season, and his team remains below-average. He’s still recovering from his torn ACL, and it might not be until next season when he’s back to feeling fully comfortable on the court.

But he remains one of my favorite players to watch in the league. It remains thrilling to watch Rubio with the ball in his hands because you never know how he’s going to get it in the hands of a teammate. He’s fundamentally sound so it could be a simple chest pass to a man beyond the 3-point line. Just as likely? Rubio will effortlessly flick an alley-oop pass or bounce a pass between his legs — or an opponent’s — for an easy layup. Sunday against Golden State — in another one of those frustrating Wolves losses that sees them break out to a double-digit lead before giving it up and falling short in the fourth quarter — Rubio had numerous highlight-reel passes, the types of plays that lift you off the couch or have you saying “wow” in an empty apartment.

Rubio provides nightly reminders that in a game of jumpers, dunks, steals and blocks there’s still nothing that captures the beauty of the game like a perfect pass.


Immersed in Sherlock

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I’ve never worn a deerstalker hat or a wool cape coat. I don’t inhale coke and don’t smoke. I’ve never attended a meeting of like-minded folks who spend a weekend talking about old stories and fake cases. I have no desire to visit the childhood home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or 221B Baker Street.

So I’m not obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. But I do love him, and in today’s world it’s still possible to disappear into the world of history’s greatest fake detective, whose fake adventures still dominate movies, TV, books and imaginations.


A newspaper world without agate

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Considering how many big things newspapers have cut back on the past decade — paper width, publication dates…people — plans to eliminate the tiniest type in the paper doesn’t seem like a major thing. But you’d be surprised how sentimental people can be about sports agate — and how much readers miss it when it’s gone.

LA Observed reported that the LA Times will eliminate about eight pages a week from the sports section, and that agate will be a major part of those cuts. NBA boxscores will be reduced, as will boxes for baseball, hockey and college hoops. A memo promises “other significant agate cuts.”


Vandrovecs need your thoughts & prayers

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Same story. Please keep Terry and all the Vandrovecs in your thoughts and prayers. Kailey is now at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.

Many of you are probably familiar with the story of Terry’s young daughter Kailey, who was born at 24 weeks on September 3, 2010. Kailey’s twin sister, Breley, died at 2 days. But after a long stint in the NICU, Kailey went home with Terry, his wife Jess, and their oldest daughter Mya. A little more than two years later, the Vandrovecs welcomed two more twins: Ty and Taylor.

Kailey has again been hospitalized with a severe pneumonic virus and is extremely sick.

There is a CaringBridge site set up for Kailey and the Vandrovecs. And for the family’s journal, please visit:

Please read some of Terry’s previous stories about his remarkable family.

Life and Death
Blessed and Stressed

Wrestling with extinction

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There was a time — when I was younger, skinnier, more mulleted — when I might have snickered at the news that the IOC is dropping wrestling from the Olympics. This was back in high school, when basketball players engaged in a sort-of rivalry with wrestlers. It never involved fisticuffs or takedowns. In fact it had cooled a bit from a few years earlier.

The beef? Hard to remember the fine details, but it basically centered on each sport’s athletes believing they worked harder than the other group. Or maybe it was about the relative difficulty of each sport, figuring out which required more skills and smarts. I’m sure we ridiculed wrestlers for participating in a boring sport — what’s the fun in watching two guys roll around for six minutes — and they likely mocked any idea that basketball was physically taxing. We made fun of them during the basketball portion of gym class, when the backboards came under fire with every jumper launched like a cannon out of the wrestlers’ stumpy arms. They tried kicking our ass during the wrestling portion of gym class. And so it went.


Jerry Buss’s LA life

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Jerry Buss won an NBA title in his first year as an owner and in his 31st. In between his teams won eight other championships, appeared in 14 other Finals and only missed the playoffs twice. The numbers themselves form the best resume of any owner in sports history. But Jerry Buss’s Lakers were never simply about the results. They had movie stars watching basketball stars, dramas and controversies, feuds and tragedies. And most importantly they had a style that defined the franchise. Showtime didn’t simply describe a Magic Johnson-led fastbreak — it captured what the Lakers were all about.

Showtime ended on the court when Magic retired, even if the title-winning ways eventually continued. Now, with Buss’s death following a lengthy battle with cancer, the era that started in 1979 truly is over. No one knows what comes next, off the court or on. The on-court success is anything but guaranteed and for the first time in 34 years there are doubts about the judgment and instincts of the man in the owner’s box. It’s worth remembering what Buss accomplished — not just because of the unparalleled accomplishments, but because the level of success might never be seen again, in LA or anywhere else.


Today’s post is the blogging equivalent of a quarterback taking the first snap and calling it a day in order to extend a consecutive starts streak. That is, it’s a weak effort, but technically not a no-show and therefore keeps alive our streak of posting new material every weekday. Whew. Step away from the ledge, world, and vibe on this hastily thrown together notebook.

* I’ve been binge watching Downton Abbey during precious spare moments the last two weeks, scoring Season 1 through Netflix, Season 2 through Hulu and Season 3 on the PBS web site. Wow, there sure are a lot of options for online video these days. Oh, and I’m also hopelessly hooked even though I’m not entirely certain if the show is genuinely excellent or just pretty good at coming across as excellent. More on this in the coming days.
No matter, my inner monologue now has a British accent.

* Remember the colorful, sugary cough syrup we were given as kids – Triaminic and the like? That’s frowned upon these days (another these days?) by the medical establishment – not that specific brand, but the general idea of cough medicine for kids. They’ve come to believe it actually prolongs the illness by allowing the cough to sort of settle in the chest. This is crap news for parents of coughing kids, myself included. And we have one more thing to add to the growing list of stuff that should have killed us yet somehow didn’t.

* If you’ve seen one NBA All-Star Game, you’ve seen them all. That’s what I concluded from watching bits and pieces of Sunday’s affair in Houston. The exception is when one star opts to break the nose of another, but even that might get as tired as an off-the-glass pass after a while. To be fair, the consistency isn’t necessarily a bad thing – you just have to be in the right mood to be able to enjoy it.
It didn’t help that Alicia Keys handled the halftime performance. Wasn’t she on stage at the Super Bowl and the Grammy’s, too? Granted, she is crazy talented and this time mixed things up with some group dancing and leather sweatpants, but it’s probably time for a break.

* A big ol’ meteor tore stuff up in Russia recently. There was plenty of footage. That was odd. But not as odd as the fact that it looked exactly like I imagined a meteor landing in Russia would. It also made me think for a split second that the Mayans might be right if in a somewhat belated fashion.

TV and Fury are both back in America as we again shut down our Cape Town bureau, at least for the rest of the year. On to this week’s links.

* Grantland’s running a tournament to determine the “worst Academy Award moment in modern history.”

* Phil Bronstein on the man who supposedly fired the fatal shot that killed Osama bin Laden. It’s a fascinating piece, which ran in Esquire, but some controversy has also popped up over the story. Slate examines one of the issues.

* I really enjoyed this story in The Classical by Nick Bond about “The 7 Stages of Grief at Bleacher Report University.

* Sports Illustrated’s John Garrity with a piece about CBS golf commentator David Feherty and his battles with depression and other afflictions.

* Golfer is bitten by Black Widow spider, keeps playing. Okay.

* Will Ferrell served as an usher at a Lakers game and tossed out Shaquille O’Neal.

* The Oscar Pistorius story has gone from pure and inspiring to dark and disturbing, falling in line with so many others of late. The New York Times weighs in on the double-amputee Olympian now suspected of murdering his girlfriend.

* The Wall Street Journal has uncovered information that calls into questioning the reporting of Truman Capote for “In Cold Blood.” Add that book the list of those I haven’t read. I did recently check out a book from a library, but have yet to crack the cover and the renewal date has passed.

A South African wedding

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My latest trip to Cape Town was much different than the three previous excursions. It lasted just a week instead of two and included very little leisure time. No golf, just a bit of reading. We were there for the wedding of my brother-in-law Daniel and his new wife Bianca.

As my body clock recalculates and tries to figure out if it’s morning, afternoon or night, let’s take a brief picture tour of the Fury Family’s 2013 Cape Town adventure.