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A day with Tiger

Posted: August 27, 2013 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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I saw the first 67 shots Tiger Woods hit in the final round of The Barclays on Sunday in Jersey City, but I only saw the end result of his 68th. When Woods struck a lengthy putt for birdie that would have put him in a playoff with Steve Williams — with Adam Scott along for the ride — I stood near the 18th green with a million or so fellow fans. I couldn’t actually see Tiger. Instead, as I stood about 25 deep, I found a small opening through various heads, shoulders and baseball caps that provided a perfect view of the cup but nothing else. On tip-toes I waited for Tiger to strike the putt, waiting for the crowd to tell me when the ball was on its way. When the roars started I jumped up and down several times because everyone in front of me did the same thing, all of us looking something like the Cameron Crazies at the start of a game against North Carolina.

It was a long putt so it took a long time for the ball to reach the cup. I saw it about two inches before it stopped about two inches from the hole. And that was the end of Tiger’s tournament. And it was the end of my first time seeing him play in person. I think I had a more enjoyable Sunday.



Before this goes any further I should say I remain convinced Tiger Woods will one day tie and then break Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 major titles. Armchair psychologists are welcome to diagnose me based on these possible delusions, though your arguments against that belief will not sway me. How could they — as the only person still left on that bandwagon (does Tiger even think it anymore?) I’ve already heard them all. I will simply say Tiger is still on Jack’s pace. Nicklaus won his 15th at the British Open when he was 38 years old. At next year’s British Tiger will be 38. If he doesn’t win that? Then I search for more rationalizations.

Still…I can see why some might remain doubtful about Tiger’s chances. But no matter your feelings about the ultimate pursuit in his career — and no matter if you let out a cheer when he hits a great drive or applaud when he pushes a 5-foot par putt — Hank Haney’s 2012 book The Big Miss provides something for everyone.


I thought I’d be writing about Tiger Woods failing to win the British Open and how it absolutely doesn’t mean he’s going to go majorless for the rest of his career and that I’m still willing to place money on the belief he’ll tie or break Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 major championships.

But I figure I’ll break that one out after the PGA Championship when he finishes seventh, four shots out of the lead.

Instead a look at how ESPN, NBC and CBS cover golf, from someone who’s not a TV critic and doesn’t know exactly how to operate a DVR but makes up for it with insightful golf expertise drawn from years of hitting wayward tee shots, when they’re not simply skidding on the ground 40 yards in front of me.


It’s probably a good thing golf broadcasters don’t elicit emotions from viewers in the same way as football, baseball or basketball announcers. Sure you might complain about Tim McCarver’s ramblings but the longest you’ll have to listen to him is during a four-hour Red Sox-Yankees game. Imagine sharing eight hours with him. That’s how long we listen to golf announcers on Sundays at the U.S. Open and other majors that don’t take place in Augusta, Georgia. But people don’t really get worked up about golf broadcasters, either because they’re enjoying the weather porn too much or maybe there’s just not very much objectionable about whispered voices on a  warm summer day.

Johnny Miller might be the one exception. Plenty of people dislike the outspoken NBC analyst. They might think he’s too arrogant or too mean or are simply tired of him talking about the time he shot 63 on Sunday at Oakmont and won the U.S. Open. At one point I might have shared similar feelings, but those days are gone. These days I love Miller’s commentary and he’s not just my favorite golf analyst — he’s my favorite analyst in any sport.



This week, TV and Fury bang out a podcast while in neighboring states.

The story starts there with Fury talking about an epic loss to his dad in high-stakes golf and continues with analysis of the NBA playoffs.

Oh, and it turns out that NBA executives like nursing shoes. What? Exactly.

Here’s the link.

Tiger Woods won his 75th PGA tourney this week and depending on where you fall on the Tiger Spectrum, it meant he’s back and will win two majors this year and break Jack Nicklaus’ record or that he’s never going to win a major again because look at the way he stumbled over the final nine holes. Lots of demons, explain the naysayers.

Who knows if it means anything about Woods’s chances of winning a major this year or five more over the next 10 years. At worst he’s the second-best player of all-time and the second-best player in the world today. He’s not what he was in 2000, but in 2001 he was no longer the player he was in 2000. Each time he tees it up, I hope he wins and I hope he passes the Bear and not just because I’d have to pay off some bets if he never gets to 19. I like watching greatness, even when it comes with all types of complications.


Ryder Cup: Gah!

Posted: October 1, 2012 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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Such a strange event, the Ryder Cup. A team competition in one of the ultimate individual sports. A supposed rivalry between Europe and the United States, even though we’re as familiar with the foreigners as we are the Americans. Of the 24 players, Luke Donald has more Chicago in him than any of them. If the United States battled, say, Iran in the Ryder Cup, or the Soviet Union back in the day, it might be easier to understand the emotions, both from the players and the fans.

Yet Sunday afternoon, I barely moved from my couch for seven hours and I watched only a handful of NFL action. When Martin Kaymer drained his final putt I slapped my hands in frustration and let out a “Damn it,” that the neighbors might have heard if they weren’t still loudly chanting for Tim Tebow. The Ryder Cup almost always produces memorable moments, and every so often it delivers epic ones. Some Ryder Cup results are forgotten a week after Johnny Miller utters his final words, but others live on forever. We all know where the 2012 Cup falls.

Some final thoughts after watching those damn Europeans — oh, those damn Europeans with their flags, chants and American residencies — rally in historic fashion.


Where was Johnny Miller when we needed him? Actually, as much as I do enjoy Miller’s commentary — and I know not everybody does — it would have almost been too cruel to hear him call Adam Scott’s epic collapse in the final round of the British Open on Sunday.

As far as I remember I don’t think Mike Tirico or Paul Azinger or Curtis Strange used the word choke during the final four holes and there’s little doubt Miller would have unleashed it at least a half dozen times. Could anyone blame him?


Lost appetite

Posted: July 19, 2012 by terryvandrovec in Uncategorized
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At the risk of sounding like the spiky-haired scamp from Jerry Maguire, did you know that a person’s taste buds change every seven years?

Me, neither. In fact, that may or may not be true, but my 8-year-old daughter says it is, and I’m working on validating her feelings and therefore suppressing the urge to double-check her information with the Google Machines.

Let’s just go with it. Because there’s no question my taste in sports has changed – and rather dramatically – over the years. (more…)

Don’t let anyone ever say TVFury doesn’t appreciate — no, love — America. Of course I hate that the 4th is on a Wednesday and I have to work Thursday and Friday, but that’s not really America’s fault, is it?

No big plans in New York City, although I hear Terry is planning a backyard barbecue where he’ll grill up some famous Vandrovec burgers while shooting off legal and illegal fireworks into the South Dakota sky, all while he dictates a 600-word story into a recorder about incoming cross country recruits for South Dakota State, which he’ll finally type up and send to the office while watching the Boston Pops performance on TV. Here, we’ll relax, go to a barbecue and maybe watch some fireworks from a friend’s balcony, where you can see three or four different fireworks shows while having three or four hundred mosquitos attack.

In honor of the Fourth, here’s a…I don’t know, grab bag, potpourri, random things grouped together, of Americana.