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Hope you’re in the mood for some first-world problems. Because I’ve got a doozy.

To be clear: I’m not asking for the creation of a House subcommittee or anything. But if we can land on the moon and tightrope across the Grand Canyon, shouldn’t we – meaning science and technology experts – be able to create smart and dependable headphones? Yes. The answer is yes. (more…)

This is our final links section of the year. Doesn’t mean it’ll be the best one of the year or anything. But it is the final one.

* I saw Zero Dark Thirty this week. Intense. Intense. Intense. The Washington Post had a story on the real-life woman behind Jessica Chastain’s CIA character in the film. The employee is not the most popular person at the agency, though they do credit her for the work she did in finding Osama bin Laden. And here’s a Jessica Chastain interview where she talks about the movie shoot.

* Speaking of controversial movies, Grantland spoke to Tarantino about Django Unchained.

* Here’s Dave Kindred on the death of Jack Klugman, who famously played sportswriter Oscar Madison.

* O.C. Register writer Kevin Ding, one of the best beat writers in the NBA, has not been impressed with Dwight Howard. Who has?

* Why does NYC drop a big ball on New Year’s Eve? It’s because of the New York Times (which, if you didn’t know, is also why it’s called Times Square.

* What’s the hot new pickup line for singles? “What’s your credit score?” Man, that’s sexy.

* No podcast of the week this week. Why? Because iTunes wasn’t updating podcast feeds on my iPhone. Either it’s a glitch in the system or people shut down their pod machines during the holiday. Either way: Weak. Am I the only one who throws away double-digit vacation days every year?

* Instead, we’ve got video to scratch your multimedia itch. Sioux Falls is home to one of the longest-running teams in minor league hoops. You don’t survive in that industry for almost a quarter century without some ingenuity – like social media night. The second edition is coming up Friday (and might feature four NBA players on assignment, led by the fabulously named Fab Melo). The team will wear special jerseys with their Twitter handles and fans can snag gear, food and seat upgrades via social media. Here’s a preview:

iWaste time

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I stepped into 2007 last week. Finally got an iPhone – and only because my employer encouraged (and paid for) it.

Oddly, I took a certain amount of satisfaction in holding out for so long, in part because I had convinced myself that the iPhone had become cool to the point of actually being uncool. Plus, it reminded me of a running joke from my childhood. We’d try to convince our cousins in California that the Dakotas were at least 50 years behind the West Coast in terms of technology like blenders and televisions. (more…)

Instagram helped TV make this busted old Ford look sort of cool.

Today, a reading from the book of I Don’t Get It …

Popular photo sharing app Instagram – long an Apple-only item – became available on Android devices for the first time this week. And just a couple days later it was sold to Facebook for $1 billion dollars. Yes, Dr. Evil, that’s billion with a B.

Well, backlash also starts with a B and that’s precisely what ensued – at least, assuming social media offers an at least semi-accurate read into people’s opinions. (And I’m not that it does, but that’s a gripe for another day.) A whole bunch of folks were upset that the hip Instagram was going to go mainstream, that their timelines would get clogged and even that the newcomers wouldn’t understand how to do correctly use it.

Wait. What? (more…)

Huge week on deck, and not because I’ve got a six-pack of basketball games to cover and – Valentine’s Day reminder, fellas – one wife to woo.

Rather, I’m getting a new smartphone, an iPhone 4S, to be exact. Hear me out before cracking wise about South Dakota being stuck in 2007 in terms of technology.

I’m not just switching phones, I’m switching operating systems. Again. And that has become a big deal for most of us in 2012. In fact, just the other day I was trying to decide where a move like this ranks in terms of important changes in the life of a young professional. It’s not as big as getting married/divorced or having a child, but  it’s probably no lower than third on the list of material acquisitions behind buying a new house and car. (more…)

Nerds unite!

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A quick timeout for some shameless self promotion …

Have you ever wanted to keep up with TVFury when on the go? Well, now you can with the Terry Vandrovec app for iPhone. Just download and install the app – it’s free – then enjoy all the (weird) content you’ve come to expect from this site right on your smartphone.

And we haven’t gotten about you, Android users. There’s a Terry Vandrovec app for that, too. Hooray!

We know return you to your regularly scheduled programming …

The Tapes: Aug. 5

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We’ll kick things off this week with a little shameless self promotion. How else is anybody going to get a foot hold in this fast-moving world?

The picture you see here is a screen shot from the Terry Vandrovec app for Android that was released this week. It contains feeds from this site, my work blog and Twitter. And it’s free. Hopefully, an iPhone version will be available within 10-14 days.

To be clear, in no way do you NEED this app. However, if you have a smartphone and some time to kill, this will ensure that our work is available at your fingertips. So check it out. Or not. Either way, we’ll keep trying new stuff. Let’s be honest – it’s mostly for our own amusement, anyway.

And now to The Tapes …

  • Reportedly, a Texas fan and an Oklahoma fan got in a knife fight inside at Applebee’s in San Antonio. Why? Because there was a 45-minute wait at T.G.I.Friday’s. As for the all important outcome, the Sooners fan wound up in critical condition, while the Longhorns booster was in stable condition. Stable, huh? Not so much.
  • Food Network Magazine released its list of the top 50 pizzas in America this week. Some pretty interesting items involved, including potato and crab rangoons. In this part of the world, A&B Pizza of Bismarck-Mandan took the title in North Dakota, Charlie’s Pizza House in Yankton was tops in South Dakota and Black Sheep Pizza of the Twin Cities won out in Minnesota.
    You know how people try and visit all 50 states or hit every major league park? Maybe trying all of these pies should become a part of the bucket list pantheon.
  • Here’s probably the most talked-about story of the week. The New Yorker piece on the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Amazing reporting, although there’s some talk in journalism circles about whether the writer should have revealed that he apparently didn’t actually talk to any of the SEALS involved.
  • ESPN racing writer Ed Hinton penned a tribute to his late wife, who died of cancer recently. Have tissues handy.
  • I’ll write more later in the day about my Thursday night trip to Dyckman court, where Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley squared off and Beasley squared off with a fan. But here’s Durant’s already legendary performance a few nights earlier at Rucker, when he scored 66 and drilled 3 after 3 in the final minute. A day later in another league, he only hit 2 of 12 3s and last night I saw him go oh for the night from deep, so he might have used them all up in Rucker.