The Tapes: April 12

Posted: April 12, 2013 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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Welcome to this week’s links. It was about 80 degrees earlier in the week in New York City. Terry, the rest of Sioux Falls, my family in Minnesota and other poor souls in the Midwest did not have quite that same weather. So as you dig out or melt out, here are this week’s stories:

* Charlie Pierce’s 1997 profile of Tiger Woods is one of the most famous magazine stories ever written. On Grantland, Pierce provides a “director’s cut” of the story, which includes the fact he wrote the story in 2.5 hours.

* A shrink analyzes Don Draper.

* Bitcoins are a Ponzi scheme. What are bitcoins? I don’t really know but a co-worker told me about them awhile back and now they’re all over the news. Go buy some. Or whatever you do with them. Or don’t.

* A Minneapolis man went to great lengths in an elaborate hoax on Joel Osteen, trying to make it look like the preacher man had given up on his faith.

* From The Onion: Stripper thinks customer flirting with her.

* A high school football coach who got run over by a motorized cart at a Cowboys game is suing.

* There seems to be a growing segment of American soccer fans who watch the international game, but turn up their nose at the domestic league. Alexi Lalas and and Rog Bennett (of Men in Blazers fame) combined on a piece designed at changing that.

* TV is developing a man crush on Jalen Rose for entertaining and enlightening bits like this. More on that soon.

* Finally, the pod of the week is the last installment of the CBS Eye on College Basketball podcast for this season. These guys – Matt Norlander, Gary Parrish and Jeff Goodman – absolutely killed it with their coverage during the NCAA tournament in terms of scoops and analysis. If there’s one area that an outlet consistently tops ESPN in terms of quality, this is it. They’re also really funny, too. Have a listen.


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