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I’m finally Breaking Bad. It’s about time.

Actually, I watched the first couple episodes as they debuted on AMC right after Mad Men. But then due to busyness or business or babies, I fell off the wagon. And now I’m back, baby, getting all caught up on Walt White and Co., via Netflix. I am binge watching like it’s my job in order to be able to watch the final couple of episodes of the latest – and final season – as they happen.

That will not be a problem; I’ve blown through two seasons in less than a week. Because it’s that compelling – every episode seems to end in a cliff hanger. In fact, I wonder how people were able to watch one per week – they must have been preoccupied during the off days, the show scratching at the back of their head at random moments. Sounds an awful lot like how I imagine drug addiction to feel so maybe that was the point. (more…)