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At long last, the NBA season is (almost) upon us.

TV and Fury take an early look at potential contenders, as well as breaking down another NBA preview podcast.

It’s all very meta.

Here’s the link.


* There was a horrific moment on the New York subway this week when a man who had been shoved onto the tracks was struck and killed by a train. Controversy erupted when the New York Post put a picture on its cover of the man on the tracks, seconds before the train hit him. People also wondered why the photographer didn’t try to help the man but instead took pictures; he says he was hoping the flash would alert the train driver. Media writer Jack Shafer has an interesting take on just why the picture was so haunting.

* Minnesota Post’s Britt Robson did a two-part interview with Timberwolves broadcaster Jim Petersen that I thought was pretty interesting. He offers up some pretty honest takes on Love, Adelman and his broadcasting partners. Here’s the first piece, and the second.

* Kobe Bryant’s missed shots are actually assists. Sort of, according to this Grantland story.

* Also from Grantland, Chuck Klosterman examines the San Antonio Spurs controversy and the role of entertainment in sports.

* At TVFury headquarters, we’re hoping that in the next week or two we’ll have a Q&A Fury Files style with Andy Gray, the guy in charge of Sports Illustrated’s Vault who also handles the magazine’s photo blog archive. The site always has a lot of funny/cool/bizarre pics. But here’s a gallery of rare Kobe shots that is pretty cool.

* The always entertaining Pat Jordan writes for SBNation about why he’s no longer a Yankees fan.

*No shortage of Rick Majerus tributes this week in light of his recent passing. Here’s one by Andy Katz. It’s been … surprising, I guess. Always pegged him as being somewhat polarizing.

* No pod of the week this week. Instead, your multimedia fix will be visual. Here are The 45 Most Powerful Images of 2012, according to BuzzFeed. Some incredible stuff.

Quite the lineups the past few games for the Timberwolves, huh?

Ridnour, Stiemsma, Amundson, Lee, warm body, cold body, reanimated Josh Howard. Somehow the Wolves managed to hang in there despite losing two straight. Some of the lineups are frightening. But in a way they’re oddly comforting. These are the types of Timberwolves Minnesotans are used to. These are the types of lineups we grew up with.

The difference between now and all those other times? Change is coming. When players like Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love, J.J. Barea and Nikola Pekovic get healthy and return to the lineup, the Timberwolves won’t just be one of the more entertaining teams in the league to watch — they’ll also be really good.

In the past horrific lineups represented a bleak present and a depressing future. The names changed, but the results never did.


Seeing an athlete clutch his knee seconds after it buckled remains one of the most depressing sights in all of sports, a painful image that shares space with shots of a pitcher walking off the mound holding his elbow and a quarterback rolling around reaching for his Achilles.

When Ricky Rubio injured his knee Friday night everyone feared the worst while hoping for the best, even if the best was also an unattractive option. “Maybe it’s just a sprain. Perhaps he just hurt his MCL. That’s the ligament that’s not as serious, right?”

But it was the ACL and it was a tear and it was the end of his sensational rookie season.


Time for the latest edition of The Tapes. I’m making last-minute preparations for my trip to Cape Town. But nothing – nothing – comes before TVFury. Onward:

* Ricky Rubio had a horrific game on Wednesday against the Jazz. The Wolves made their comeback with him on the bench and he hit only 1 of 6 from the line. I don’t care. He’s still awesome to watch, is a huge reason for the complete turnaround of a woeful franchise and has them in position for a playoff run. Also, he did this dance last night.

* This quarterback from the Broncos received a bit of attention this season and GQ writer Michael Silver did an oral history of this QB’s season. This is the piece famous for Brady Quinn’s supposedly insulting quotes about this particular overshadowed quarterback.

* From The Onion: Great Team Chemistry No Match for Great Team Biology.

* Big week for TV’s employer as it began implementing a paywall on its Web site. It’s part of a company-wide move by Gannett. All of its American papers other than USA Today will go to a similar model in 2012.
Time will tell how this will work out, although I think even the tightest of wads can agree that it was an inevitability. Giving away your product isn’t a sound, long-term business model. What’s been most interesting in the short term are all the logistical questions from readers. Hopefully, that means they’re still interested.

* Apparently, there’s a new form of caffeine hitting the market … the breathable kind. That’s right, no need to sip or chug, anymore, the latest trend in energy ingestion is, well, huffing. To be honest, I’d probably prefer a pure, concentrated liquid form. The idea of purposely breathing in a chemical makes me think two things: 1) a gangly 10-year-old boy clinging to an inhaler during gym class and 2) this dude in Fargo who was notorious for sniffing silver paint in a downtown park.
As much as I’m dependent on caffeine, I think I’ll pass on this method if only makes the habit seem more detrimental.

The Timberwolves game Monday night at Target Center looked pretty much like every other game played in the arena the past four seasons. Some good offense, frustrating performances by young guys, bricks from outside, and a close defeat against a superior foe.

But if it looked a lot like so many games in recent team history, it certainly didn’t feel the same.