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It’s a tradition at TVFury that I exchange posts with Terry after world-altering events. The first-ever cold-weather Super Bowl that was held in my own backyard surely qualifies. And so here we go.

FURY: Eh. Anyway. I was actually disappointed in the result. Not just because it was a blowout and everyone hates a Super Bowl blowout, but I wanted the Broncos to win. Not because of any great affinity for Denver. Over the past five or six seasons Peyton Manning became my favorite NFL player and I wanted him to win another Super Bowl. Instead it will be another nine months — or 40 years — of hearing about his legacy and what another Super Bowl loss means and on and on. And I certainly thought Denver had a great chance. And then, as they say, they had the kickoff. Denver’s no-show shouldn’t detract from Seattle, which proved that a dominant defense can still win a championship, even in these pass-happy, scoreboard-busting days. In fact, it’s sort of nice to know that’s possible. But Terry, do you think this game will be remembered more for the team that won it, or the team that lost? Will Seattle get the credit it deserves or will it be all about Denver — specifically Manning’s — failure?



FURY: Well.

For awhile there it looked like the most exciting part of the night was going to be Beyonce and a power outage. In fact, those two things might have still been the most exciting parts of the night but the Super Bowl itself turned out pretty well.

It’s fun watching a game like that when you have no rooting interest, although by the end I think I was pulling for the Niners. You get to enjoy the great plays and bizarre decisions without worrying that your heart is going to be ripped out at the same time. The 49ers really hurt themselves a few times. Start with the first play of the game, an illegal formation penalty that negated a long gain. You’re preparing two weeks for the game — and do coaches still script their first 15 plays or did that go out? — and you line up incorrectly? Then a penalty gave Baltimore another chance after the Niners had stopped the Ravens on their first drive. Flacco threw a TD. The big fumble by James. Then, finally, the strange playcalling from the 5-yard line.


Podcast: The Superest Bowl

Posted: January 31, 2013 by terryvandrovec in Podcasts
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Word on the street is that the Super Bowl will be played this week in the Big Easy.

TV and Fury break it down for you this week on the podcast. Actually, they don’t – neither of them can figure out which team will win. Instead, they bat around stupid stuff like prop bets, Super Bowl homeboys and magic deer potion. It’s … weird.

Here’s the link.

Three years ago I didn’t know who won on Super Bowl Sunday until Monday. We embarked on the day-long trip back from Cape Town at 8 p.m. South Africa time and we were in the air as the Colts and Saints kicked off. As the Colts were coughing up a lead, a fellow passenger was vomiting up his liquor right next to us. I saw the final score as we stood in line trying to re-enter the country. I was pulling more for the Colts, although didn’t have any real rooting interest. At JFK I watched on CNN — or Headline News or CNN Airport or some other news-related station that replays the same story over and over — as fans in New Orleans celebrated the victory.

This year I’ll be back in front of my TV, along with millions of others, or are TV executives now using billions in their made-up attendance figures for the Super Bowl? Some Super Bowl thoughts:


This edition of our links of the weeks comes to you exclusively from the Midwest as Fury is visiting his folks in ‘Sota. Feels good, too:

* You know how Ray Lewis is prepping to play in a second Super Bowl and has become a leader of men? Well, a couple dudes are still dead stemming from an incident that he was involved with 13 years ago. Here’s a story about the families of the victims.

* News of a pretty significant medical breakthrough came out this week from UCLA. Turns out living ex-NFL players are showing signs of proteins related to brain damage. While this isn’t shocking, it’s another step toward, if not the end of football, then some sort of fairly radical overhaul.

* The podcast of the week is back with one that I’ll likely never try again despite enjoying the first episode. Jeff Garlin of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame has started a new pod called “By the Way.” His first guest: Larry David. Yes, good ol’ L.D. Basically, the two prove over 90 minutes that most of what they discuss off stage is a lot like what they play out on stage. And that’s why I enjoyed it.

* Tiger Woods changes his golf swing about every five years and it always confuses people. Here’s a nice story by Scott Eden that digs into the “madness” that leads someone with a perfect swing to decide it’s not so perfect and needs to change.

* A dude was hassled on a flight because he was wearing a shirt bearing Inigo Montoya’s famous saying. You know Inigo. Princess Bride. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Fellow passengers found it inconceivable that he would wear such a shirt.

* J.J. Abrams will reportedly direct the next Star Wars movie.

I have one sibling, a younger brother. Circa 1996, we were both starters on the Jamestown High School varsity tennis team. Oh, how proud our parents must of have been, to be responsible for siring 33 percent of the regulars for one of the worst high school programs in one of the worst tennis states in America.

It’s a lot like the Harbaugh family, really, the clan that produced both of the head coaches in the upcoming Super Bowl. Think about that: Two Ohio-born brothers ascending to the top of their cutthroat profession in the very same year. Unprecedented. Remarkable.

Still, I’m not sure I could play for Jim. John, yes, but not Jim. That is, of course, if I were any sort of football player and I haven’t been since the flag football days. (And some of those performances may or may not have been tainted by some questionable knotting.)


Ladies and gentlemen, Madonna Ciccone. And M.I.A’s middle finger.

No matter who does the Super Bowl halftime show, opinions will vary wildly amongst the audience. Perhaps only a Beatles reunion in the 1970s – say, the year the Raiders dismantled the Vikings – would have been a universally beloved halftime performance. Who wouldn’t have enjoyed watching John, Paul, Ringo and George rock out, conjuring up memories of their famous shows when they first arrived in America?

But no matter who you get, there’s going to be a lot of amusement about the act, a fair amount of hate and maybe a bit of love. Doesn’t matter if you’re talking about Janet Jackson’s nipples, Madonna’s varicose veins, Tom Petty’s hair, Up With People’s grins or ZZ Top’s beards. The shows will all come off as fairly ridiculous. It’s the nature of any halftime show, but especially one that’s broadcast to hundreds of millions or billions of people or whatever made-up number the NFL conjures up when discussing the Super Bowl audience.


Something new, folks.

I watched the Super Bowl in New York City, Terry in Sioux Falls (I’m assuming). But the NFL is as close as Americans get these days to shared religious experiences, so after much planning – a series of emails five minutes after the game ended, when we thought, hmm, we should do something on this game – we’re going to do a little back and forth, recapping another classic between the Giants and Patriots. As Terry noted, it’s like a written podcast. So take the average TVFury podcast and multiply the excitement level by, I don’t know, 12. Let’s begin.


Welcome to this week’s edition of The Tapes. We here at TVFury wish you a very happy, blessed Super Bowl weekend. By the time you read this on Friday, the pregame show should be wrapping up its 5th hour. I’ll be spending part of Sunday at the airport, saying goodbye to my wife as she heads to Cape Town, where I’ll join her in three weeks. When I return home on Sunday afternoon I’ll watch the Super Bowl alone, in a dark room, surrounded by Domino’s chicken wings and bottle after bottle of Coke. It will be decadent.

On to the links:

* On Wednesday, David Letterman marked his 30th anniversary as a late-night host. New York Magazine prepared an awesome video slideshow, 30 clips of classic Letterman and man-on-the-street pieces. Click here to see them all. The Taco Bell one – when Dave manned a drive-thru – remains my personal favorite.

* For Grantland, former Jeopardy king Ken Jennings wrote about the best Super Bowls as far as trivia.

* Rob Lowe recently broke the news that Peyton Manning would retire. Well, that’s what he tweeted anyway, although it didn’t happen that day (but if it does, Lowe deserves full credit for the scoop). In ESPN the Magazine, Chris Jones reflected on a world where Rob Lowe sets the news agenda.

* Gophers athletic director Joel Maturi will retire and Patrick Reusse wrote about his legacy, which includes a lot of football losses and other disappointments.

* Wednesday was national signing day for college football programs, and TV did his part to help heap unrealistic expectations on 18-year-old kids. Actually, it can be sort of fun if handled as information rather than hype. That said … one kid chose Auburn over Clemson in part because the former has a Chik-fil-a on campus, while the latter does not.
Smartest. Kid. Ever. I mean, have you ever had Chik-fil-a? I think he should get some sort of academic scholarship in addition to the athletic one.

* “I wouldn’t say it’s out of control. But we’re very close to that.” So says the mayor Williston, N.D., a once-sleepy town in my home state that’s now being broadsided by mo’ money and mo’ problems than anyone could have imagined due to an oil boom. CNBC is the latest to update the situation. I’m fascinated by the situation after doing some reading and speaking to friends who have witnessed the crude insanity. It’s almost enough to make me schedule a trip home this summer. Almost.