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Looks like the Lakers have a new center. We’ll have to see how this plays out – both in the coming days and season – but the most amusing thing to me when a deal like this happens is the reaction of Celtics fans, who seethe about the unfairness of the NBA and how they’re giving up on the league because the Lakers are the favored sons. Celtics fans complain about this. Celtics fans. Because the NBA was so fair in the 1960s – and if you don’t think Celtics fans still brag about those years, you’ve never been around a Celtics fans for more than 76 seconds – and the NBA had such diverse champions in the 1980s. And in 2008, that wasn’t the Celtics bringing together three Hall of Famers. No, that was Celtic Pride. That was grit and smarts.

On to the links:

* ESPN Magazine’s college football preview is out and there are some outstanding pieces in it. One of them is Wright Thompson on Urban Meyer. The other is former Fury Files guest Kevin Van Valkenburg on Honey Badger.

* Interesting story on a Reds PR person who had a bit of a meltdown on Twitter.

* Story for triathletes – or aspiring ones like Terry. The NYC one could be in jeopardy because of some, well, sewage in the Hudson.

* Yahoo!’s Dan Wetzel on the Irish boxer who won gold.

* Fury and I need to stop reading the same stuff. It makes this segment harder (and weaker) than it’s supposed to be. Sigh.
How about this one? The New York Times reports it’s conceivable that all human life originated from Mars. It’s complicated and sciency, but worth the read. (Disclaimer: TVFury is not responsible for reader behavior, including, but not limited to, making and wearing aluminum-foil helmets.)

* And, finally, because it’s been at least a month since I trumpeted the virtues of living in the Dakotas … North Dakota and South Dakota are ranked among the top-10 places to live in 2032 by, well, some guy using certain criteria. Just move here, already. Or don’t. I’m not sure where I stand on that yet. Maybe we could start an application process.


Well, we made it to March. Time for a bunch of madness, and whatnot. TV will be following college hoops courtside, while Fury will be watching from afar, maybe at a beachside bar in South Africa. Two pretty good options, actually.

Anyway, let’s watch The Tapes, our version of the week in words:

* The first item is a tip of the cap to Fury’s pops, a renowned Dancing with the Stars fan. The new cast has been announced. It’s headlined by … Urkel? I mean, it’s sort of hard to decide who deserves top billing. That’s one of the fun things about each new season: It highlights what each of us is or isn’t into.
For example, I’m a sportswriter with an 8-year-old daughter. Therefore, I’m as familiar with Disney star Roshon Fegan as I am with Packers receiver Donald Driver. On a related note, there’s no way Fegan should be eligible for this. He’s essentially a professional dancer to begin with.

* In list-of-the-week news, Hawaii ranks first in America in terms of well-being. Yawn, right? Not exactly. My home state, North Dakota, ranks second. Color me surprised. Yes, I get that the quality of life is pretty good in NoDak aside from the winter weather – low crime, no traffic, etc. I just figured that warm-weather and picturesque states would dominate the top of the list. Maybe I equate happiness too much with weather. That or I’ve taken my birthplace for granted.

* The latest investigative piece making the rounds in college sports comes from Sports Illustrated and centers on the troubles at UCLA.
A couple of opinions on the piece: The lead was about how the current state of the program is so different than when John Wooden was around. There’s no question about that … sort of.
First, there has long been an elephant in the supposedly lily white room, the wide-spread belief that booster Sam Gilbert gave illegal benefits to players during the Wizard’s time. So let’s not blindly canonize the Bruins’ past even if Wooden was in many ways a model human being.
But more importantly, I’m not sure what might be going on in Westwood – allegedly attitude issues, partying and preferential treatment of stars – is all that unusual in the modern era. While that doesn’t make it right, it doesn’t necessarily mean that UCLA should immediately shut down the program.
Nothing wrong with SI digging into it. Surely there are benefits to shining light on the imperfections in college hoops. But the piece might have been stronger in a larger context. It’s hardly the second coming of Baylor.