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By Sam Mooney
Guest blogger

My story is a tale of incredible kindness, a father-son relationship, and the Philadelphia Eagles. It starts when I was a 10-year-old boy; watching Randall Cunningham on “Monday Night Football” against the Giants. That play, that touchdown, that player sparked a lifelong fandom that would take me places I never thought I’d be. I live in a small town in South Dakota. Stories like this just don’t happen to us.

Fast forward 20-plus years to October 2012. That 10-year-old boy is now a 33-year old married man and father of four. Life, as it tends to, has happened. But I remain a devoted Eagles fan. I’ve passed on my love of the team to my oldest son. Every Sunday, come hell or high water, we sit down together and watch the Eagles game. Regardless of how busy I am at work or how busy he is at school (he’s 12) we are watching our team. (more…)

Quiet down, here are this week’s links:

* GQ’s Jeanne Marie Laskas goes inside the world of double-crossing fake hitman.

* The always-superb Brian Phillips with a great piece on the Dolphins controversy and warrior culture.

* New York Magazine’s Kathryn Schulz on how Twitter hijacked her mind.

* There’s an island that costs less than a Manhattan apartment. Tell me more.

* Someone’s not a fan of bathroom attendants.

* Former NFL stars like Tony Dorsett show signs of CTE. 

* San Francisco transforming into Gotham for a little boy’s Batman Make-a-Wish.

* Why superhero actors aren’t superstars anymore. 

* Slate has a list of the best sandwich from every state. Apparently, I’m doing it wrong because I’ve had neither the NoDak or the SoDak sammies.

* So, um, Toronto (Ontario not South Dakota) needs a new mayor, eh?

* Obnoxious plug alert: If you need something to do tonight, consider tuning into Wisconsin vs. St. John’s on the Big Ten Network on opening night for college hoops. The teams will be squaring off in Sioux Falls at the Sanford Pentagon, a five-sided, $19-million venue with a retro main court.

I covered 45 miles of straight freeway in 4 hours Sunday. Not on foot or by summersaulting. By car. One made after 1984. And it didn’t break down or explode or have kittens. (more…)

TV will spend countless hours staring at this over the next nine months.

Considering how much time I spend operating one, my lack of knowledge about cars is fairly astounding. The school year starts today in Sioux Falls and soon at South Dakota State, meaning I’ll spend more time than I can easily count on the road and in the air, traveling back and forth and here and there. It’s part of my job as a sports reporter – a big part of it, sometimes.

Take the back half of last week, for example. (And I write this despite fully acknowledging that travelogues are arguably as uninteresting as retroactive play-by-play of a round of golf or a hand of poker. That’s never stopped me before.) On Thursday evening, I drove 50 miles from Sioux Falls to Brookings to attend a two-hour football practice. I made the return trip, too. Friday morning, it was off to Minneapolis to cover a Vikings preseason game. That’s 4 hours each way. I got home at 4 a.m. About six hours later, I was headed to a muddy field near a town called Renner to run an obstacle-laden 5K.

Certainly, not every three-day span from September to June is like that, but many of them are.

And I generally love it. (more…)

By Mark Harming
Guest blogger

I don’t do stuff like this. While I’m (fairly) healthy and in pretty good shape, I never really considered myself a “fitness guy.” For most of my adult life, I’ve been a runner. I was (and still am) proud of being a runner. I liked going outside and pounding the pavement.  Doing a home-fitness program like Insanity wasn’t a bad thing, but it wasn’t for me; it was for other people.

Then, the injury occurred. After reading the phenomenal book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, I decided that barefoot, natural running is the way to go. Hey, it works for the Tarahumara, it will work for me right?

I made the classic mistake of too much too soon and ended up with tendonitis on the top of my feet. At first, I tried to push through and survive with icing and stretching and anti-inflammitories. It didn’t work. So, an extremely slow half marathon this May (a personal-worst time) prompted me to do some thinking. (more…)

Terry came up with the idea. Terry dreamed up the name. Terry designed a logo. Terry secured the address. Terry solicited the first guest pieces. Terry created the Facebook and Twitter pages. Terry came up with early ideas. Terry wrote the first post. Terry remains the driving force.

So I guess it’s time I drop my lawsuit to get the name changed to FuryTV.

TVFury was born a year ago today, when Terry wrote a short, somewhat cryptic message that included a picture of a headless torso wearing a shirt emblazoned with his name. Since then we’ve published something every weekday, haven’t missed a one. We’ve written a lot about the St. John’s football team and even more about the Lakers (well, I’ve written about those things). We’ve written about technology and the future and school reading programs. We’ve written about life in New York City and life at a modern newspaper. We’ve welcomed numerous guest writers and attempted to make them feel at home, even while reminding them to use coasters and take their shoes off before entering. We’ve conducted podcasts with each other that ones of people have listened to and done pods with business owners that hundreds have listened to. We’ve conducted interviews with some of the best writers in the country.

It’s been a fun year.


‘Merica is having a birthday this week (or so we hear). And to celebrate, TVFury is posting a podcast.

I mean, what’s more patriotic than four dudes sitting around talking about small business, the Ultranet and beer? That’s what went down recently at Fused Interactive, a web development company based in Brandon, S.D. Fused was founded by Brian Brua – who taught himself how to program during middle school on a borrowed laptop – and now puts out a weekly beer podcast as a way to drum up business and build a sense of team. (Full disclosure: TV did a guest spot last week.)

Here’s the link. Cheers.


The Cats of Bob were full of dread in 2011-12.

The NBA Draft is slated for Thursday night and the Charlotte Bobcats do not have the first overall pick despite finishing with the worst overall winning percentage in league history (.106). That’s how bad they were – too bad to capitalize on their ineptitude.

South Dakota native Travis Kreins had a front-row seat for the infamous season, working as a public relations intern for the Bobcats. Today, he joins the TVFury podcast to talk about that strange experience.

Here’s the link.

Turns out the Rock Garden Tour isn’t really about rock music or gardening, nor is it a true tour. Instead, it’s primarily a comedy, one that’s silly to the point of being smart and vastly different in person than over the air.

There’s your nut graph, impatient readers. Now, let’s back things up a bit.

The Rock Garden Tour, if you’ve never heard of it (and chances are you haven’t), is a Sioux Falls-based podcast that also airs on South Dakota Public Broadcasting Radio. That’s the easy part. (more…)

Every year my friend John Rosengren comes to New York for the ASJA Conference, and every year we try to make it to a Yankees or Mets game. It’s a chance to watch some big-market baseball, but mostly we catch up and talk about writing and projects and goals and hopes.

Last night we met before the Mets game and stood in line to buy tickets. A young woman approached us and asked if it was just the two of us and when we said yes she asked if we wanted two free tickets. Her friends couldn’t make it. The seats were good, down the first base line, about 25 rows up. We accepted, but then John told a brief story about a friend of his who got arrested for trying to enter a Grateful Dead concert with a counterfeit ticket. Was this part of a big-city set-up? Was this night going to turn into Midnight Express, minus the hashish and Turkish prison?