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I am Billy Madison, high school graduate by the back-room dealings of my father.

That’s sort of how I felt – after an initial jolt of self-absorbed glee – about getting verified by Twitter on Monday.

That’s right – there’s a little checkmark to the right of my name on my profile. A quick search of the UltraNets shows that the social media site has 645.75 million users and roughly 54,000 are verified. If that doesn’t convey a level of pretend importance nothing does. (more…)


Welcome to this week’s links.

* Jack Nicholson may or may not be retiring from acting, due to memory loss. Sad news for movie fans, but it does give him more time to watch the Lakers, your 2014 NBA champions.

* Famous people like to make Twitter accounts for their newborns and then tweet in their newborns’ voice.

* Esquire writers take their turns talking about the best and worst TV finales in history. Sopranos, The Wire, Sex and the City and an interesting defense of Seinfeld.

* From The Stacks on Deadspin, an amazing old Playboy interview (safe for work) with Joe Namath. Mob and sex talk.

* From New York Magazine, the 15 best sets ever at Comedy Central Roasts. Watch and cringe. Poor Chevy.

* Johnette Howard on Diana Nyad’s record-breaking swim from Cuba to Florida. 

* A look inside the Breaking Bad writers’ room. They do a lot of meth.

* A tribute to Ring Lardner.

* A Canadian family is living like it’s 1986, eliminating modern technology and cheering on Bill Walton as he plays a key role in the Celtics’ title.

* In honor of Lee Child, who I wrote about earlier this week, some old interviews with the author I just read this week. This one’s with Playboy (be warned if you’re at work). And here’s a three-parter from six years ago. 

* TV has nothing for you other than a music suggestion: If you like the hip-hop, and the kids sure seem to these days, check out the new album by Soulcrate. It’s available on iTunes. Further proof that you can do big things from anywhere.

Just so you know, when Tiger wins his 15th major this weekend — heh — I won’t be able to watch it because of the Time Warner-CBS fight. Anyway, on to the links.

* Famed script doctor Damon Lindelof explains the new rules in writing a blockbuster. 

* Brandon Sneed writes about a former baseball prospect who spent 27 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. 

* The mysteriously long lives of male Holocaust survivors. 

* Kobe Bryant is shattering the timetable for recovery from Achilles’ surgery. It’s true — I saw him dunking at Dyckman last week. Before you know it he’ll be screaming at Wes Johnson.

* David Remnick on Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post.

* Fascinating New Yorker piece on the abuse of civil forfeiture.

* A piece of fat weighing 15 tons was found in London blocking the sewers. That’d do it. 

* Slate will no longer call the Washington Redskins the Washington Redskins.

* A dead shark ended up on the subway.

* Dave Zirin points out that MLB is partially to blame for the PED problem by allowing them to run rampant in Latin America.

* Euro powers Chelsea and Real Madrid faced off in an entertaining if meaningless soccer match Wednesday in Miami. Here’s a piece about how two of the principle participants – RM star Ronaldo and Chelsea boss Mourinho – fell out of a friendship.

* You guys like the rap music, right? Sioux Falls’ own Soulcrate Music has started self-leaking tracks from its forthcoming  album. Here’s the first one.

So I made my music video acting debut over the weekend. But don’t worry – I didn’t gyrate atop a yacht or anything. Kept it classy. I’m not trying to be just another Joe, all up in the videos.

All joking aside, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the video-extra experience. A friend asked on short notice if I could fill a spot. I didn’t have anything else planned and got the OK to include my 9-year-old daughter – it would be good blog fodder and some temporary hero status at home, if nothing else.

It wound up being more than that – not the part, but the idea.  (more…)

One week down

Posted: July 23, 2011 by terryvandrovec in Videos
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It’s been about a week now and nobody has kicked us off the Interwebs. We’ll take that to mean that you like us – or at least that you’ll tolerate our existence.

Moving forward expect more of the same: Posts about anything and everything, podcasts, guest spots and notebooks – some sports and some not. We expect to publish fresh content every weekday and hope to use several formats to create something for everybody … or most people. (Our stats say that we’re not so popular with the ladies. We’ll work on that.)

We’ve already got some things in the works for future weeks (including podcasts with a filmmaker and a rap group.) Feel free to make suggestions, engage in discussions or offer to become a Guestie.

But so far, so good. Right, Larry David?

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be a regular weekly wrap segment. You know, stuff that caught our attention but didn’t merit a full post in the limited space of the Interwebs. Wait …

As for the title, The Tapes is a reference to an incident during our days at The Forum newspaper in Fargo, N.D. Basically, one night a group of Forum employees gathered at a sports bar for a dinner. A guy at a nearby table learned of our identity and grilled us about how we went about our business at the paper. He was convinced – and no one could tell him otherwise – that we “watched the tapes.” What tapes? The tapes. Our assistant sports editor got more and more frustrated as the guy kept asking about those tapes. For the record, that’s not how it works. Much of the daily copy comes from wire services, huge news-gathering organizations like the Associated Press that have the people power to staff hundreds of games daily all over the country.

Ever since, “watching the tapes” has become to former Forum sports staffers what “Big Gulps, huh?” is to Dumb and Dumber fans – a can’t-miss joke.

And now to the tapes …

  • Something called Tagged this week named North Dakota as the most social state in the U-S and A. Although moderately surprised by this news because I figured population would hold down my native state, I wasn’t shocked for the reasons outlined in the story. Yes, North Dakota has large empty spaces, necessitating that people find new ways to communicate. And, yes, the weather is terrible too much of the year.
    But knowing that NoDak is No. 1, it is surprising that SoDak doesn’t even make the top 10. I mean, what’s really that different about the two? SoDak is a little larger, a little warmer and a little more connected to the rest of the world by being within reasonable driving distances of more metropolitan areas.
    From my experience, other key differences are these: South Dakota doesn’t have a state income tax and therefore has less public money to expedite new technology and is more reluctant to change, progress. Think about it this way: Sioux Falls is still trying to build the kind of events center that Fargo put up in 1992.
  • Attendance was down at Sioux Falls JazzFest last week, one of my favorite annual events. And while it’s easy to blame the record-setting heat (and related chafing), I think the lineup had something to do with it. (One point of clarification: In no way am I complaining. It’s a free event and a worthwhile one at that.) This was the first time since moving here almost five years ago that I didn’t immediately recognize at least one of the Saturday headliners. Sure, that could just be an indictment of my lack of music knowledge, but it’s probably not.
    Meanwhile, it was impossible not to notice the rush of young bodies to the 2nd Stage late Saturday for the set by Soulcrate Music, a popular and talented local rap crew. There was a buzz that was lacking from the (albeit more populated) primary seating area.
    My question is this: Could Soulcrate ever crash the main stage? Or would event organizers not be interested either due to the fact that the group doesn’t play jazz/blues or because it would likely skew too hard toward the under-30 demographic?
    I’m not saying this should happen, I’m just wondering if it’s a way to infuse some energy into the event. (Full disclosure: Soulcrate will appear on the TVFury Podcast in the near future.)
  • Here’s a crazy story about the crazy divorce between Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt. The couple used the Dodgers as a personal ATM and they’re now battling over billions but are on the verge of losing control of the team to Major League Baseball. The story about the personal hairstylist is especially amusing.
  • An oldie but a goodie. For those who have watched Teen Wolf and ever wondered how you’d stop the Wolf from going off on a Jordan-like explosion, here’s your answer. “While you’re welcome to try it, my feeling is that man-to-man defense simply isn’t an option. Some teams like to play a box-and-one, which generally works well against most lycanthropes. With Teen Wolf, though, you have to be careful. He’ll stand baying by the sideline while the rest of the Beavers run four-on-four. Then, at a signal from Coach Finstock, Teen Wolf will come screaming down the lane, fur bristling and fangs bared, for the alley-oop. (And with him having what’s rumored to be a 78-inch standing vertical leap, rest assured he’s even more difficult to stop once he gets up in the air.”)
  • Tiger Woods fired Steve Williams and if you read some people, this is more proof that Tiger has become a combination of George Steinbrenner and John Daly. This New York Times piece has more but the fascinating part is the story about Jack Nicklaus, who also, at one time, fired his longtime caddie. And then offered the guy a part-time job picking up range balls.
  • A school in Iowa – not heaven – set a national baseball record with its 84th straight victory, breaking the record that had been established by a New Hampshire school way back in…the spring of this year.
  • And here are a couple of stories from the New York Postabout last night’s showdown at Dyckman Park in New York City. And here’s a video.