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I am Billy Madison, high school graduate by the back-room dealings of my father.

That’s sort of how I felt – after an initial jolt of self-absorbed glee – about getting verified by Twitter on Monday.

That’s right – there’s a little checkmark to the right of my name on my profile. A quick search of the UltraNets shows that the social media site has 645.75 million users and roughly 54,000 are verified. If that doesn’t convey a level of pretend importance nothing does. (more…)

As “sports bloggers,” we’re required to have opinions on the latest PED scandal, a wayward college football star and soccer, right?

Well, here you go, although it’s probably nothing you haven’t read before. Come to think of it, maybe that’s the more interesting topic – how there are so many opinions floating around about everything, the vast majority of which are unimaginative or unnecessarily loud.


I almost went to bed on time Thursday. Almost. But then I checked my Twitter timeline, a move that’s become as much a part of the nighttime routine as brushing teeth. (more…)

Instagram helped TV make this busted old Ford look sort of cool.

Today, a reading from the book of I Don’t Get It …

Popular photo sharing app Instagram – long an Apple-only item – became available on Android devices for the first time this week. And just a couple days later it was sold to Facebook for $1 billion dollars. Yes, Dr. Evil, that’s billion with a B.

Well, backlash also starts with a B and that’s precisely what ensued – at least, assuming social media offers an at least semi-accurate read into people’s opinions. (And I’m not that it does, but that’s a gripe for another day.) A whole bunch of folks were upset that the hip Instagram was going to go mainstream, that their timelines would get clogged and even that the newcomers wouldn’t understand how to do correctly use it.

Wait. What? (more…)

One of the icons of everyday sports journalism, Mr. Bob Ryan, is calling it a career. He announced the decision last week, his final full-time assignment for the Boston Globe being the London Olympics. Not a bad way to go.

Ryan is 65, has had a long and distinguished career and made more bank than most of us ink-stained wretches could dream of. End of story, right? Not exactly.

See, before riding off into the sunset, he took a couple parting shots at the state of the industry (and not the failing financial part), hinting that this played a part in him hanging ’em up. Turns out, he’s not entirely on board with blogging and tweeting or the audiences who enjoy those formats. (more…)

John T. Meyer isn't afraid to rock sweet glasses.

The TVFury Podcast is back after brief hiatus.

This week, Sioux Falls entrepreneur John T. Meyer – co-founder of 9 Clouds Inc. – discusses the concept of doing big things in a medium-sized market. And he does so from his new shared office space – another idea that’s new in this part of the world.

Meyer and his brother, Scott, are South Dakota pioneers in terms of social media and social technology, not only creating products, but teaching businesses how to use the technology that is available to them. They’re also genuinely nice, smart and helpful dudes.

Frankly, it’s a fascinating topic, one that should be seen as encouraging to, well, everyone. The world will be a better place if good ideas and products aren’t limited to major cities.

Here’s the link.