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By Ari Boynton 
Guest blogger

I feel no shame in saying that Seattle, my hometown, has the worst fan base in the whole country – more fair-weather backers reside right here in the Emerald City than anywhere else. For good measure, Forbes once called this America’s most miserable sports city. (more…)

Grieves and Budos standing in reverse order

As you might have noticed, TV is going through an indy rap phase. But he might have figured out why: It sort of represents his current lot in life … hustling, middle markets, writing. Yes, writing.

That’s one of the topics covered this week on the TVFury podcast with rap collaborators Grieves and Budos, formerly of the Warped Tour and current of the Snowstorm Music Tour. Turns out the music man (Budos) is more inspired by literature than the lyricist (Grieves). Interesting, huh?

The duo also has plenty of experience creating on the road, having spent two consecutive years there.

Anyway, here’s the link.

I just flew back from Seattle and, boy, are my arms tired. Actually, my heels are sore, not my arms. That’s what I get for hoofing it around the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle in a pair of high-top leather boots.

But what else was I supposed to wear? I mean, you can’t cruise around in Jimi Hendrix’s old haunts in your grandpa’s wide, all white New Balance sneakers.

This was the crux of my second visit to Seattle … (more…)