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It’s the last links before Christmas. Exciting.

* Patrick Reusse with another of his classic pieces on a Minnesota legend, this time Chisholm’s Bob McDonald.

* SI’s Lee Jenkins with a great story about the final 29 seconds of regulation in Game 6 of the NBA Finals and how Ray Allen pulled off his game-tying shot. 

* The Huffington Post talks to the music supervisor on American Hustle, which is a great movie with an incredible sound track.

* Hank Stuever on Saturday Night Live.

* It’s a 2013 version of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire.

* Shia LaBeouf as a serial plagiarist continues to be a bizarre tale.

* Michael Lewis gets $8,000 for a 1,200-word column in Bloomberg View. 

* The hackers who hit Target and stole credit card info were really smart. That makes it better.

* R. Kelly has some issues and at least one journalist thinks the public should know that.

* Could I interest you in this pair of self-healing shoes?

* Long form is not necessarily the best way to go when it comes to blogging. (Whew.)

Time for our weekly links, although we don’t actually do these every week. But we try.

* Bryan Curtis of Grantland did a piece on the infamous Piggyback Bandit, who made news by jumping on the backs of unsuspecting high school and college athletes or by just showing up and being creepy. It’s a tale with stops in Fargo and St. Cloud.

* The New York Times ran a cool piece from a guy who moved to the city and set out to discover New York by playing pickup basketball in as many parks as he possible.
Also, from the Times (that little publication just might make it): A piece about happiness as it relates to wealth. Turns out about $75K per year is all you need to make in order to maximize your joy. That partially explains why so many journalists (TV included) are such miserable bastards.

* This story is a few months old but is very relevant after Thursday’s Freeh Report about the Penn State scandal. It’s a story about Joe Posnanski’s upcoming book on Joe Paterno and the now seemingly impossible task of writing, well, anything close to the original idea.

* And then there’s the woman in Michigan – not Florida, really? – who kept her dead friend in the house for 18 months so she could watch NASCAR with him.

* Lots of moves in the NBA last week and likely more to come; Ray Allen going from Boston to rival Miami for less money is one of the more compelling. Adrian Wojnarowski of the increasingly formidable Yahoo! Sports offers a complex take on the situation. The piece is detailed and in-depth … yet I have no idea what is explicitly true and what was theorized (for lack of a better phrase). What’s more, I can’t decide if I like or dislike that lack of distinction, which seems to be a growing trend, particularly online.

The NBA season is over, but the scintillating action keep on coming.

TV and Fury love it, obviously, and hash through it all on this week’s podcast. Included: “good” guys going to “evil” teams, Dwight Howard and Kevin Love (sort of) make demands and cutting-edge German medicine.

Plus, more future talk. Yes, TV may have a problem.

Here’s the link. And make sure to stop back Wednesday for the TVFury 1-year anniversary bash. It’s bound to be decadent.