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It’s a tradition at TVFury that I exchange posts with Terry after world-altering events. The first-ever cold-weather Super Bowl that was held in my own backyard surely qualifies. And so here we go.

FURY: Eh. Anyway. I was actually disappointed in the result. Not just because it was a blowout and everyone hates a Super Bowl blowout, but I wanted the Broncos to win. Not because of any great affinity for Denver. Over the past five or six seasons Peyton Manning became my favorite NFL player and I wanted him to win another Super Bowl. Instead it will be another nine months — or 40 years — of hearing about his legacy and what another Super Bowl loss means and on and on. And I certainly thought Denver had a great chance. And then, as they say, they had the kickoff. Denver’s no-show shouldn’t detract from Seattle, which proved that a dominant defense can still win a championship, even in these pass-happy, scoreboard-busting days. In fact, it’s sort of nice to know that’s possible. But Terry, do you think this game will be remembered more for the team that won it, or the team that lost? Will Seattle get the credit it deserves or will it be all about Denver — specifically Manning’s — failure?


This week’s top links, as voted by a blue-ribbon panel.

* Fascinating story with lots of surprising, tragic twists about someone who invented a superior golf club.

* What would NFL team logos look like if they were hipsters?

* A photographer went to take some photos of John Schneider and ended up being there when the actor received devastating news.

* Patrick Reusse on how Minnesotans get all excited whenever any new coach comes to the state.

* A quarterback’s wife left an AR-15 in the back of a rental car.

* The New York Times takes a look at the crush of must-see TV that’s pilling up on Sunday nights.

* Jezebel offered a $10,000 bounty for untouched images of Lena Dunham from her Vogue photo shoot, and their readers didn’t really approve.

* Bill Barnwell on why the 87th meeting between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady is different.


* Seth Meyers and Neal Brennan are funny guys. Vulture features an exchange between the two.

Andrew Luck seems like a nice enough guy and a good enough quarterback, but I was pulling for Peyton Manning when the Colts hosted their former star on Sunday night. It had nothing to do with cheering for the Broncos or being anti-Indianapolis. It’s just that when an old legend faces a young star I almost always find myself cheering for the elderly player. It’s not anti-youth but simply about now identifying more with the guy who’s been around forever or even guys who have been hanging around for too long. Does this happen to all sports fans, is it a natural progression? Probably. And that progression means it’s also an evolving view and wasn’t always this way.


A double-dose of links? Yes. It’s part of our plan to transform into a news aggregator and get bought by Huffington Post.

* Patrick Reusse returned to Fulda for his 50th reunion and it was a bittersweet affair.

* Relive the night the Gophers blew a 28-7 fourth-quarter lead against Michigan and altered the course of the entire football program. Or stab yourself in the eye with a pen.

* Author Tom Clancy died this week in a Baltimore hospital. I read several of his books but, putting a twist on things, I usually enjoyed the movie adaptations more. The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, etc. Here’s an old review from 1994 of Christopher Buckley ripping on Clancy’s book Debt of Honor. 

* From A Wolf Among Wolves, can Derrick Williams be a small forward?

* Chris Jones on Michael Weiner, the MLB union’s executive director who is battling terminal cancer.

* SB Nation’s Evin Demirel on D3 football and its effect on liberal arts colleges.

* Andy Greenwald on Walter White’s legacy.

* Also in Grantland, Brian Phillips profiles Peyton Manning.

* As Michael Jordan continues his transformation into a Citizen Kane-type character, he talks about who could beat him one-on-one.

I’ve never shared a room with Ray Lewis. For that I’m lucky or unfortunate. There seems to be no in between.

Yes, the soon-to-be retired Baltimore Ravens linebacker has taken polarizing to another level, becoming the poster child for the Overreaction Era, a time when every win gets too much praise, every loss too much criticism. People love him or hate him – and neither stance feels appropriate. (more…)

We’re back … in audio form. Did you miss us?

On this week’s podcast, TV and Fury discuss the latest quarterback moves – and strategies – in the NFL. Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez, Andrew Luck, RG3. Who’s where and what’s right?

Also, stick around for bonus Dancing with the Stars coverage. (We’re talking to you, Fury’s dad.)

Here’s the link.

Terry’s back in Sioux Falls, I’m back in NYC, things are getting back to normal in the TVFury bureaus. So during this period of stability, let us present this week’s links.

* Longtime magazine writer Pat Jordan profiled Connecticut women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma for Deadspin. It’s an entertaining read about one of the most successful coaches in sports history, but a guy who seems to lose fans as fast as he wins titles.

* Jim Souhan spent a week with Ricky Rubio for a Star Tribune feature. Unfortunately, it was a week that ended with Rubio tearing his ACL. But the Timberwolves have been just fine in Rubio’s absence, right? Moving on.

* profiled Stephon Marbury, who wanted the SI cover before agreeing to speak. I could read Marbury stories all day.

* Obviously lots of stories on the Saints bounty scandal, although as far as I know none of them have addressed whether the Vikings will be retroactively awarded the NFC’s Super Bowl berth from 2010, setting up a big game against the Colts, who will have to take Peyton Manning back. But this story from Slate’s Josh Levin focuses on Sean Payton’s responsibilities in the fiasco.

* Our boy, Brandon Sneed, if we can call him that, made his debut in GQ this week with a piece about a rabid North Carolina fan. Sure, you could mock the guy. But that’s too easy. What’s more interesting is how sincere he is about everything, professing that seeking love never really crossed his mind because it would forever alter his fanhood. Some people are just wired differently.

* The flag is flying at half-mast this week at TVFury in honor of Chaleo Yoovidhya. The Red Bull co-founder passed away this week of natural causes. Again, natural causes and not a caffeine overdose. The Washington Post chronicles his background. Among the fascinating facts: The energy drink has (sort of) been around since 1962, initially flopped and now sells 4.4 billion cans per year.

The Tapes are back – fittingly in a week with a lot of DVR-worthy sports going on overnight. On Wednesday night/Thursday morning, for example, you had Tiger-Rory and Luke Donald in the same threesome (of golf, perverts) in Dubai at roughly the same time that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal were facing off in the Australian Open semifinals.

So forgive us for looking haggard today.

* On Thursday, two Ohio women were arrested in South Dakota with 129 pounds of marijuana in their possession. That would be startling if weed were as heavy as, say, steel. But it’s not … or so I’m told. I mean, imagine if you had your car filled with 129 pounds of hamburger or decorative beads or tennis shoes. That’s just a lot of anything.
But because it’s ganja, a whole new theme develops: Did the car travel lighter because it was so high? Did it get the munchies and guzzle extra gas? Did it refuse to drive on pavement, proceeding only on grass?
I’ll be here all week.

* This whole Peyton Manning situation is getting ugly – and even before the team has drafted his probable replacement, Andrew Luck. He gave an interview and the Colts owner didn’t like the results. While this sort of public tiff is hardly unusual in the Twitter era, Manning has usually been above the fray. Makes you wonder if he’s mad enough to go all Brett Favre and, no, not flash his junk to a comely sideline-reporter type, but try to play somewhere else rather than grooming Luck.
And, yes, if you’re counting at home, that’s two weiner-photo references in two days. We aim to please.

* As someone who enjoys participating in lengthy Q&As with great writers, I really enjoyed this interview with SI’s Thomas Lake on his Sports Illustrated article about Michael Jordan’s high school coach, Pop Herring. Brandon Sneed did the interview for his site. Oh, and segue, next week on TVFury, the return of The Fury Files with Michael Kruse of the Tampa Bay Times.

* Somewhat amusingly, Nickelback is sick of being picked on on Twitter and is striking back, returning fire to users who crack jokes about the band.

* The New York Times published an interesting look at the Rhodes Scholar candidacy of star Yale quarterback Patrick Witt. Originally, it was reported that Witt dropped out of pursuing the honor so he could play against Harvard. People loved that commitment to the team. It turns out it was a bit more complicated than that and involved a sexual assault charge.