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I didn’t see much of the opening game of the NFL season, but I did watch much of the opening Sunday. On Thursday night I watched Novak Djokovic advance to the U.S. Open semifinals while Peyton Manning dissected the Ravens.

This was also my first NFL Sunday with a flat-screen TV with HD capabilities so I really finally felt like an adult. While I don’t have a DirecTV package I do get the Red Zone so spent the afternoon and evening planted in front of my screen, ignoring the perfect New York weather. But at least I showered; I’m sure many NFL fans didn’t even make that detour on their way from the bed to the couch. Some things I was happy to see back on TV as the NFL made its way back.


Something new, folks.

I watched the Super Bowl in New York City, Terry in Sioux Falls (I’m assuming). But the NFL is as close as Americans get these days to shared religious experiences, so after much planning – a series of emails five minutes after the game ended, when we thought, hmm, we should do something on this game – we’re going to do a little back and forth, recapping another classic between the Giants and Patriots. As Terry noted, it’s like a written podcast. So take the average TVFury podcast and multiply the excitement level by, I don’t know, 12. Let’s begin.



That’s what I was doing, both literally and in text format, Sunday night at the conclusion of two three-point thrillers in the NFL’s conference championship weekend. And not because of anything scapegoats Lee Evans, Billy Cundiff or Kyle Williams did (or didn’t do).

Rather, I was annoyed at the lack of sportsmanship or class or dignity that was on display at the end of the Giants’ OT victory at San Francisco. Both teams were guilty. (more…)

The Green Bay Packers – the one and only team I root for in any sport at any level – went down in flames Sunday evening on the moderately chilly tundra of Lambeau Field.

I’d tell you the final score except I don’t know it. I shut the game off early in order to avoid teaching my daughters words that they should learn on the playground, and have stayed as far away from SportsCenter as possible since. In fact, it pains me to even mention this divisional-round debacle. But I’m going to man up, just as Miller Lite suggests, to make a couple points.

The season officially came to a close Sunday, but it figuratively ended a few weeks ago in Kansas City. That’s where a franchise record 19-game win streak came to an end against a rag-tag team in low-scoring fashion, a harbinger for what was to come: a playoff loss where the team played poorly rather than being ousted while performing well. Certainly, the run was going to stop at some point – they all do. But the way it ended – not against the Saints or at the Giants or because Aaron Rodgers got hurt – was an omen that this squad was spent. The incredible run began with six must-wins, culminating in the Super Bowl and that attitude carried over into this season. (more…)