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That dude wearing a Golden State Warriors jersey is super psyched right now because the Miami Heat on Thursday night defended their NBA crown by besting the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of The Finals.

Oy. Neither TV nor Fury really want to relive it given our proclivity for hating the Heat, but … we’re going to discuss it anyway. Because we’re pros like that.


Ugh. We here at TVFury are still trying to come to grips with what happened Tuesday night on South Beach. In hindsight, maybe we should have headed for the exits early like so many loyal Heat fans.

But in a show of professionalism and unwavering maturity, we stayed up late to rehash an astounding Game 6 of the NBA Finals between Miami and San Antonio and to look ahead to the upcoming Game 7.

Here’s the link. Enjoy in moderation.

TV and Fury intended to record a smart, rational podcast to preview the upcoming NBA Finals. Instead, they got sidetracked by their shared dislike of Justin Bieber’s favorite club (this week): The Miami Heat.

Not their finest moment. Growing up is hard.

Here’s the link.

Bieber: Not impressed by the latest TVFury pod.

Bieber: Not impressed by the latest TVFury pod.

I can already see how this Game 7 between the Pacers and Heat is going to go. You probably have similar visions. LeBron comes out and hits an 18-foot jumper. Pacers miss some early layups. Dwyane Wade gets an early layup, looking more Flash than Shell. Bosh hits a jumper, screams. Chalmers knocks down a 3. Lance Stephenson dribbles around aimlessly. Timeout Pacers, it’s about 11-2. The Heat never really sweat and cruise into the Finals.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe Wade and Bosh struggle again — why would the final game be any different than the previous six? The Pacers again pound the Heat on the glass and make it ugly. They lead by 2 at the half and it’s tight all the way, with Paul George finally making a clinching 3 in the final minute in front of a very tanned, and very quiet crowd.

Or it stays close and without six minutes to go LeBron takes over for good, scores eight straight, blocks a Hibbert layup, dishes out to Mike Miller for a 3 that puts the Heat up 14, helps the South Dakota native up after he tears an oblique on the shot. I actually still can’t see the Heat losing but that’s because I don’t want to get too excited about the possibility. Still, with Wade sounding more and more like Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum when it comes to needing to get involved in the flow of the offense, his excuse for being terrible, the Heat certainly aren’t the same team that won 27 in a row (it is amusing that when a Lakers player makes comments like Wade, it’s seen as proof that Kobe’s not a team player; I doubt we’ll see similar sentiments about LeBron).

Game 7s are the most exciting games in sports, no matter the league. But each one is different, even if the themes are always the same.


The NBA season tips off today. Wait. What’s that? It’s already begun?

In that case, force your brain to go backward a week before listening to our latest podcast. We break down the new season, hitting on all the requisite material: The James Harden Trade, Nash and Howard to the Lakers, the relatively crummy Eastern Conference. It’s everything you could ask for in a 20-minute basketball podcast from guys in Inwood and Sioux Falls.

Here’s the link.

Time for our weekly links, although we don’t actually do these every week. But we try.

* Bryan Curtis of Grantland did a piece on the infamous Piggyback Bandit, who made news by jumping on the backs of unsuspecting high school and college athletes or by just showing up and being creepy. It’s a tale with stops in Fargo and St. Cloud.

* The New York Times ran a cool piece from a guy who moved to the city and set out to discover New York by playing pickup basketball in as many parks as he possible.
Also, from the Times (that little publication just might make it): A piece about happiness as it relates to wealth. Turns out about $75K per year is all you need to make in order to maximize your joy. That partially explains why so many journalists (TV included) are such miserable bastards.

* This story is a few months old but is very relevant after Thursday’s Freeh Report about the Penn State scandal. It’s a story about Joe Posnanski’s upcoming book on Joe Paterno and the now seemingly impossible task of writing, well, anything close to the original idea.

* And then there’s the woman in Michigan – not Florida, really? – who kept her dead friend in the house for 18 months so she could watch NASCAR with him.

* Lots of moves in the NBA last week and likely more to come; Ray Allen going from Boston to rival Miami for less money is one of the more compelling. Adrian Wojnarowski of the increasingly formidable Yahoo! Sports offers a complex take on the situation. The piece is detailed and in-depth … yet I have no idea what is explicitly true and what was theorized (for lack of a better phrase). What’s more, I can’t decide if I like or dislike that lack of distinction, which seems to be a growing trend, particularly online.

The NBA season is over, but the scintillating action keep on coming.

TV and Fury love it, obviously, and hash through it all on this week’s podcast. Included: “good” guys going to “evil” teams, Dwight Howard and Kevin Love (sort of) make demands and cutting-edge German medicine.

Plus, more future talk. Yes, TV may have a problem.

Here’s the link. And make sure to stop back Wednesday for the TVFury 1-year anniversary bash. It’s bound to be decadent.

A funny thing happened Saturday night: I turned on the TV and there wasn’t an NBA game. Does that mean the Finals are over? Fury and I couldn’t stand to watch after the Hollywood Heat took a 3-games-to-1 lead in the series.

OK, maybe we did watch. We just wish we hadn’t … or that the outcome had been different. Then again, perhaps I’m speaking out of turn. We’re about to find out as TV and Fury rehash the end of the NBA season.


The TVFury podcast is back … again. At some point, it’ll just be here all the time. But, for now, it sort of comes and goes as it pleases. So temperamental, the pod.

Anywho, we’re all about NBA face offs today, namely the delightfully awkward David Stern-Jim Rome conversation and Game 1 of the Thunder vs. the Heat. (Will this be forever knows as the weather finals?)

Enough patter. Here’s the link.



In my alternate universe the Lakers are preparing to host the Celtics tonight in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. It’s the third meeting in five years for the two teams, the two most storied franchises in the league. Both teams own a title. Seven games to break the tie, even if the Celtics still hold a decisive edge on the big board.

Fortunately this year, the real championship should be even better than my fake Finals. While I would have loved another Lakers-Celtics matchup, it also would have been a bit tired, just like the players on the teams. The Thunder rolled through the Lakers, and the Heat outlasted a Celtics team that seemed to age 10 years with every minute that went by in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. These are certainly the two best teams. Many people predicted these Finals before the season started, before the lockout even ended. The Spurs became favorites for awhile but the Thunder were always there, toying with the best record in the West before finally pulling away in the WCF. And the Heat will be favorites in the East until either LeBron James or Dwyane Wade leaves the other behind in free agency.

Hopefully this series lives up to the hype, because we might see it several more times in the next few years.