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Last week I spent much of my time in the passenger seat of my parents’ car, riding around on the surprisingly snow-free roads in southern Minnesota, on the way to a variety of basketball gyms and arenas.

Anytime I take a trip back home during the winter, it’s guaranteed that I’ll spend at least a dozen hours in wooden bleachers or plastic seats watching all levels of basketball, from good college teams to bad junior high teams. I’ll watch girls who can shoot from 25 feet and men who can’t make a layup from five feet. When I’m not traveling in the car, I’ll be at my parents’ house, watching television. Watching NBA basketball. Talking college basketball. For the Fury family, winter wasn’t about ice-fishing. There were no snowmobile trips or outings to the ski slopes. It was hoops season. As a kid, I even shot all through the winter months and not in our school gym. I’d don on a big coat, a stocking cap and a pair of what I called my “shooting gloves,” ones that weren’t as thick as a normal glove and gave me a better chance of gripping the ball. I’d shovel off the court at the Janesville city park or in front of our neighbor’s garage. It wasn’t a good time to work on dribbling, but you can shoot in any weather. If all games took place in 10-degree weather with scattered flurries and a brisk wind, I’d now be in my 15th season in the NBA.

I didn’t shoot outside on this trip home. But only because I no longer own a good pair of shooting gloves. Instead I now spend my time back home consuming basketball, not playing it. Here then, some notes from a week in the stands and on the couch.