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Welcome to this week’s links.

* Jack Nicholson may or may not be retiring from acting, due to memory loss. Sad news for movie fans, but it does give him more time to watch the Lakers, your 2014 NBA champions.

* Famous people like to make Twitter accounts for their newborns and then tweet in their newborns’ voice.

* Esquire writers take their turns talking about the best and worst TV finales in history. Sopranos, The Wire, Sex and the City and an interesting defense of Seinfeld.

* From The Stacks on Deadspin, an amazing old Playboy interview (safe for work) with Joe Namath. Mob and sex talk.

* From New York Magazine, the 15 best sets ever at Comedy Central Roasts. Watch and cringe. Poor Chevy.

* Johnette Howard on Diana Nyad’s record-breaking swim from Cuba to Florida. 

* A look inside the Breaking Bad writers’ room. They do a lot of meth.

* A tribute to Ring Lardner.

* A Canadian family is living like it’s 1986, eliminating modern technology and cheering on Bill Walton as he plays a key role in the Celtics’ title.

* In honor of Lee Child, who I wrote about earlier this week, some old interviews with the author I just read this week. This one’s with Playboy (be warned if you’re at work). And here’s a three-parter from six years ago. 

* TV has nothing for you other than a music suggestion: If you like the hip-hop, and the kids sure seem to these days, check out the new album by Soulcrate. It’s available on iTunes. Further proof that you can do big things from anywhere.

Up close with Lee Child

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A lady in the audience wanted to know if Jack Reacher would ever own a smart phone. Moments earlier, one person’s smart phone rang three separate times and everyone at the Lee Child reading on the Upper West Side wanted their favorite fictional character to appear at that moment, assess the situation, confiscate the phone and deliver a quick blow to the owner’s head with it. Instead several people loudly told her to turn it off and one man sitting one row in front of her turned and said, “Stomp on that thing!”

That’s life in the real world. Life in Jack Reacher’s world is so much more satisfying.

Tuesday night I crammed into the Barnes & Noble at 82nd Street and Broadway and listened to Child talk and take questions for about an hour. At the end he signed copies of his new Reacher novel, Never Look Back, which came out yesterday.


My cousin Matt shares many of my reading interests. Last week, while he ranted about Joe Girardi’s decision to bench Alex Rodriguez, Nick Swisher, Curtis Granderson, Bucky Dent, Mickey Mantle and Lou Gehrig in a helpless attempt to find some offense against the Tigers, he texted that he was done watching baseball for the night and was going to read a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child. He asked if I had read any of the series.

I’ve read all of them in fact, from the first one — Killing Floor — to the most recent, A Wanted Man. Jack Reacher — a former military policeman who now wanders the country as a hitchhiker and bus rider and spends the books uncovering evil schemes that he shatters by kicking ass while lunching in small town diners and saving women and children in distress — is one of my favorite ongoing fictional characters. Reacher is a fighting, killing-when-necessary machine. He’s great with all weapons and even better with his fists and wits. He’s massive, 6-foot-5 with a huge chest. He intimidates his enemies, then dispatches them. And in a few weeks he’s finally coming to the big screen. I emailed Matt and asked him what he thought of Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher in the upcoming One Shot. Little Tom Cruise, playing big Jack Reacher. Matt’s texted reply: