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The NBA season is over, but the scintillating action keep on coming.

TV and Fury love it, obviously, and hash through it all on this week’s podcast. Included: “good” guys going to “evil” teams, Dwight Howard and Kevin Love (sort of) make demands and cutting-edge German medicine.

Plus, more future talk. Yes, TV may have a problem.

Here’s the link. And make sure to stop back Wednesday for the TVFury 1-year anniversary bash. It’s bound to be decadent.

It would hurt to see Love win a title somewhere else.

The Minnesota Timberwolves did the right thing Wednesday in signing All-Star forward Kevin Love to a four-year, $61-million extension that has a player opt-out clause after three.

It was the correct move not because there’s any guarantee that Love will turn into a top-5 player and therefore worthy of what’s essentially a max contract, but because, well, if not him, whom? The franchise has been so dreadful since Kevin Garnett left in 2007 that the only way to land a player of Love’s ability was to draft him.

And – cue Debbie Downer music – that’s part of the problem moving forward. (more…)