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Guesties: The Big Apple job hunt

Posted: June 2, 2014 by shawnfury in Guesties
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By Kolbe Nelson
Guest Blogger

All names have been changed in this story out of respect for privacy

I gotta say, Shawn Fury, one of the founders of this fine website, thinks I’m far more interesting than I actually am. He’s called me back here to put another entry in the TVFury chronicle of my time in New York City, which so far includes: how I wound up coming to the city and how I failed at making people laugh (complete with a terribly cheesy ending) once here. Today, in order to fulfill the new website mandate of one post every month or so (I’m so old, I remember when TVFury posted content every day), we’re talking about what may be the death knell for my time out here: my search for a broadcasting job.