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Christian Ponder’s new role as the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings became inevitable about the time the team blew a 20-0 halftime lead against the Detroit Lions in the third week of the season.

Since that debacle – the third time the Vikings squandered a double-digit halftime lead to start the season – fans have clamored for Ponder to replace the fossilizing Donovan McNabb, a once-great quarterback who hasn’t been good for a couple of seasons and now just looks bad. When people compare a quarterback’s throws to Magic Johnson’s bounce passes instead of Dan Marino’s spirals, he’s not long for the starting role.

Now Ponder gets his chance, against the defending champion Green Bay Packers in a game that many people expect will use running time in the second half once the score gets out of hand. If Ponder survives that game, he could be the starting quarterback for the next decade. Or he’ll prove over the final 10 games that he doesn’t have much of a future in Minnesota and the Vikings can again look for another new young – or old – quarterback next spring. But unless Ponder grows into a Pro Bowl quarterback who leads the Vikings to numerous playoff seasons and the Super Bowl, chances are he’ll never be as popular as he was during these first six weeks of the season.