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We spent the weekend unpacking and building a bookcase, the type of project that is routine for any 9th-grade shop student but turns into a few hours of sweating, cursing, back-breaking work when it takes place in the confines of a New York city apartment on a warm June day. Still, the thing got built — nails here, brackets there, one board in the wrong place but that’s because it was mislabeled by the company and the entire apparatus stands just fine so let’s put it down in the living room. Filling it took another few hours, as I transferred a portion of my books from old shelves to the new spiffy bookshelf. We have another bookshelf coming next week, and after that all we have to do is find a spot for the 8 boxes of books that are still sitting in my parents’ basement.


So the Oscars and the NBA All-Star Game were held Sunday night. Yes, Sunday. As in two days ago. Nobody covers old news like TVFury (especially when Fury is globe-trotting). And nobody does shameless self-congratulations like the American entertainment industry.

On one coast, Hollywood, a city built on pretending, was taking itself way too seriously; on the other, pro athletes were participating in a farce of a competition.

Actually, that might be too harsh. I don’t genuinely care about either event beyond using the game as a bit of background noise while I tip off the busiest two weeks of my work year; it’s tofu. But a lot of other people do. (more…)