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Any investigation of the report cards residing in my parents’ basement would reveal my struggles in math classes at Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton. Algebra, Geometry, Analysis — the actual title of the class didn’t matter. It it involved numbers, I had problems. Math remains a weakness. But I actually wish I was even worse. I sometimes wish I didn’t even possess a basic understanding of addition and subtraction. That would keep me from playing the numbers game that’s always going in my head.

“Magic Johnson won his first MVP 26 years ago. Twenty-six years from now you’ll be 64. 1987 feels like yesterday, 64 will feel like tomorrow.” “I remember seeing E.T. in the theater. That was 31 years ago. I’ll be 69 years old and, well, if not dead, feeble.”

Normal stuff like that. And here’s one that’s been especially relevant this year: I graduated 20 years ago. Twenty years from now I’ll be 58 and…where has the time gone and how can I slow it down?”


Late Monday I stumbled upon the jock, geek, criminal and the rest of the gang arriving at school for detention. There’s no law that you have to watch The Breakfast Club when it pops up on cable TV — it’s not Shawshank Redemption or anything — but it’s hard to look away, at least until the gang starts smoking pot and we’re exposed to Emilio Estevez, who had apparently been secretly injected with cocaine before filming.

The movie came out eight years before I graduated but it’s still obviously a classic for people in my generation, though my sister’s Class of ’87 probably loved it even more. Everyone could identify with the characters, right? Whether you were a star athlete or the prom queen or an outcast, there was something for everyone. And I suppose that’s true.

But like so many other classic movie and TV moments involving high schools there was an aspect of The Breakfast Club that had no connection to our reality in the burgs of Janesville, Waldorf and Pemberton. Namely: A Saturday, nine-hour detention?


Podcast: Foobaw primer

Posted: August 22, 2012 by terryvandrovec in Podcasts
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As you might have heard, football season – or foobaw season, if you prefer – is just around the corner at the high school, college and pro levels and, apparently, people are really into this sport. Who knew?

TV and Fury discuss what they do and don’t expect from the upcoming season in addition to delving into an exciting upcoming opportunity on NPR – TV is going to be a guest on the Colin McEnroe Show in defense of energy drinks. Seriously. Apparently, TVFury is huge in Hartford, Conn.

Here’s the link.

By Rich Jensen
Guest blogger

South Dakota now has seven high school football classes; rather, it will have seven in a year and a half.

This move has been widely ridiculed. One wag described it as appropriate for South Dakota, “the Land of Trophies and Ribbons for Everybody.”

Some have pointed out that only Illinois, Oklahoma and Tennessee have more high school football classes (8 classes in Illinois, 8 in Oklahoma and 11 in Tennessee).

The insinuation is that increasing the number of championships is harmful, somehow.

This strikes me as a bit absurd, and on two counts. (more…)