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Hope you and yours had the independent-est of Independence Days. Imagine this edition of The Tapes, our weekly links, to be printed in red, white and blue:

* Two Boston men are believed to be HIV-free after bone-marrow transplants, according to The New York Times. That’s got Story of the Year potential.

*  Also in The Times, a dude got kicked out of Nirvana and Soundgarden only to wind up as a war hero. You know, that old yarn. The guy that used to be in The Beatles officially is an underachiever.

* HBO will be rolling out a new flick starring Larry David and Jon Hamm. Yes, please.

* Fury here. I think I’ve linked to this before but here you go. Video of a guy going around NYC reciting Bill Pullman’s speech from Independence Day. Of course I’ll link to it next year.

* Speaking of fake presidents, are are 22 badass pop culture presidents.

* Texas teacher wears same outfit to picture day for 40 straight years.

* Front page of Philly newspaper when the U.S. won the Revolutionary War. Strangely, the Phillies game from that night was actually the main item.

* Fun interview with Chuck Klosterman in Esquire. His new book comes out on Tuesday. Yes I will buy it that day.

* Is Kevin Hart the new king of standup, instead of Louis C.K.?

New Vice

Posted: May 20, 2013 by terryvandrovec in Uncategorized
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Just like quarterbacks are said to get more credit and more blame than they deserve, HBO is neither as excellent or as awful as it’s said to be – at least in the time that I’ve had access to it. The truth lies somewhere in between as is the case with pretty much everything in life.

Still, the station is on a pretty decent run right now including fresh episodes of Veep, Real Sports and Game of Thrones (full disclosure: I’ve never watched it) plus the debut of the Christopher Guest comedy Family Tree and the acquisition of Wes Anderson flick Moonlight Kingdom – just to name a few.

And then there’s Vice. (more…)

It’s time to fess up: I’m in on Girls. Granted, I’m not as in as I was during Season 1, but I’m in nonetheless.

And that is where things start getting weird.

I’ve come to realize that I like Girls for many of the same reasons I like, say, Trainspotting. It’s quirky and gritty and stylish, different and thoughtful – or at least it tries to come across as different and thoughtful. There’s a fine line between trying and trying too hard and losing your way. (more…)

I’ve never read Lord of the Rings. Never seen the movies. Fantasy books have never really interested me, whether they’re single offerings or five-book series. I never even read Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, even though I’ve read dozens of his books and everyone I know who’s read the Dark Tower ones raves about them. But their setting and plot and elements just didn’t interest me.

And until last week I had never read any of George Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books and I hadn’t seen an episode of the HBO series based on the books, A Game of Thrones, which has already run for two seasons. I still haven’t read any of the five books. But I have watched the first season. Now all I want to do is talk about Game of Thrones and read about it and watch YouTube tributes and joust and betray a king.

And god do I want to see that second season.


Continuing Arrested Development

Posted: July 27, 2011 by terryvandrovec in Videos
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Remember Arrested Development? No, not the band, the TV show that used to be on FOX.

For sake of comparison, think about it as The Wire except not on HBO and a comedy. OK, so maybe the only commonality is that they both were brilliant and didn’t really get their due until after being canceled. (For a more in-depth sample of the show, check out Hulu for complete episodes. You’ll thank us later.)

Anyway, rumors of a movie version have been circulating for years. And they’re back again.

Of course, we hope this happens. But, mainly, we bring this up as a means to post this classic clip. Here’s to hoping that Scott Baio will be forever remembered not as Charles or Chachi, but as Bob Loblaw.