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Glad to see you all survived 10/11/12. What’s that? Nothing bad was supposed to happen on that date? Guess we had that confused with the old 7-8-9 joke. No matter, let’s watch The Tapes:

* The Washington Post takes in interesting approach to a new and more modest financial era in America by chronicling a pool salesman. Selling physical goods in an out-of-office setting is pretty high on the list of jobs I feel incapable of completing. I think the same thing when watching the prohibition-agent-turned-iron salesman on “Boardwalk Empire.”

* Crazy story out of The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead – the place where the TV-Fury bromance blossomed – about a rural high school student who attempted to commit suicide during class. Yes, attempted, as in did not succeed.

* This week’s podcast of the week comes from – what else – the Grantland Network. But, don’t worry, TV has reviewed almost all of them meaning he’ll have to move onto something else soon enough. The Hollywood Prospectus is, as you might have guessed, an entertainment-based pod. Generally, it’s a conversation between co-hosts Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan, but they’ll occasionally bring in other gadflies, actors, producers or writers.
There are two things that make it enjoyable: The behind-the-scenes info about how TV shows and/or movies work and get made; and hearing Greenwald and Ryan talk hip-hop. Both are genuine fans and discuss the genre with an odd glee and in a weird mix of slang and proper verbiage. It’s far more entertaining than I’m portraying it. Trust. (See what I did there?)

* Kobe Bryant really didn’t enjoy playing with Smush Parker for two seasons. This week he again ripped on the former Lakers point guard, a moody figure who has taken his share of shots at Kobe over the years. Kobe doesn’t forget and this time called Smush a “walk on,” while also denigrating Kwame Brown and Chris Mihm.

* The Glenn Stout longform site on SB Nation has been really enjoyable so far. Here’s a piece on big NFL players and how that affects their health longterm. It’s not all about the head with football players, it’s also about the fat.

* The Onion’s AV Club has been counting down its top 50 movies of the 1990s. Here’s the final installment.


TV and Fury have noticed that there are a bunch of Web sites popping up dedicated to longform – and really good – sportswriting. (Nothing gets by us.)

Grantland, Sports on Earth, the forthcoming Glenn Stout project – we like them all. But what’s prompted the trend, are non-writers into it and can it be maintained given the cost and the constantly changing media industry? That’s the topic of this week’s TVFury podcast.

Here’s the link.