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Is a tangent really a tangent if it comes at the beginning of a thought?

Not that long ago, there were less than a handful of channels on television. The downside of this was that you were sort of forced to settle for whatever the networks decided to put in front of you; options were hard to come by. However, the lack of selection made it much easier to get a bead on what people were and weren’t aware of.

The point is this: I have no idea if you’ve heard of or watched Comedians in a Car Getting Coffee. Maybe everyone knows about this Jerry Seinfeld web series and maybe nobody does – I have no idea. And that feels like an important piece of information to have before writing about the show. But I’m going to do it anyway. (more…)


Since Terry’s the techno geek on this site, he might have a few more words about Steve Jobs’s death. I use a Mac at work but that’s about it for my Apple consumption. Don’t have an iPhone, though I do occasionally look up Lakers scores on my wife’s. Never had an iPod or iPad or a Mac at home. Did love the old Apple computers back in elementary school.

* Here’s the New York Times’ obituary.

* Here’s MSNBC’s listing of the Seven Best Reads on his life.

* Anyone else remember the TV movie The Pirates of Silicon Valley? Anyone? Quite entertaining, perhaps surprisingly. Noah Wyle played Jobs. Anthony Michael played Bill Gates. The funny thing watching it now is that it ends, basically, with Gates winning the war. Twelve years later, Jobs surpassed Gates in so many ways – influence, respect from geeks and the cool factor.

* A lot of controversy last week over the new Walter Payton biography from Jeff Pearlman, primarily because the excerpt in Sports Illustrated focused on Payton’s struggles, instead of his triumphs. Drug use, suicidal thoughts and more. But it’s impossible to judge a book-length biography based on a magazine piece, even if many did just that. But here’s Yahoo! columnist Dan Wetzel with a little perspective.

* The Rays are gone now – and probably forgotten – but this piece by Michael Kruse and Ben Montgomery recounts the final crazy night that put Tampa in the baseball playoffs.

* George Costanza has hair. Well, Jason Alexander does. Wonder if a bald woman was involved with this piece.

* Terry’s best friend Christian Laettner will coach the Kentucky “villains” in an all-star game against Wildcat heroes. He needs to step on someone’s chest at some point in the game.

* TV’s turn. And, yes, I just went third-person on you. Fury is correct to assume that I’m fascinated by the death of Steve Jobs – not because I’m any sort of Mac soldier (I don’t officially own any Mac stuff, although my work laptop is a MacBook), but just in terms of his societal importance, work ethic and growing rep as a thinker.
Shortly after hearing of his death, I asked my Facebook friends if Jobs might have regretted working so close to the end. After giving that some thought, I’ve decided that it probably depends on how he viewed himself. If he viewed his work as being about the greater good, the advancement of mankind, then, I’m guessing he felt obligated to give all. But if his job was in any way just a job or even a little bit about money (and, yes, I’m aware that he didn’t appear to be motivated by cash), then he may have some regrets.
Regardless, fascinating dude and one who seems destined to be held up even more in death than he was in life whether appropriate or not.