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The events of the past week have confirmed it: I’m more excited about the start of the season in the English Premier League than the National Football League.

It’s like I don’t even know myself anymore. Neither does my wife. “When did you become such a soccer fan?” she said the other day, flashing a moderately annoyed glare. (more…)

By the time you read this, Fury should be back in Inwood, completing a roughly 87-hour trip from Minnesota. He might as well have walked. God bless the airline industry.

The silver lining: He had plenty of time to find good links for this week’s edition of The Tapes:

Big weekend upcoming in TV, er, the Web or whatever the return of Arrested Development via Netflix is considered. The New York Times says this is the right time and platform for the cult hit to return.
Meanwhile, the show’s creator claims there is a correct way to watch the show, which will release an entire season worth of episodes all at once.

Headline: NASA is funding a 3D food printer, and it’ll start with pizza. Um, what? I’ll take two slices of space sausage, please.

The English Premier League season came to an end this week. That also marked the end of ESPN’s contract to air games. So no more Sir Ian Dark or Steve McManaman (aka Macca) on the Worldwide Leader. But they gave us a going away present in the form of these outtakes.


From Janesville, Minnesota. Yes, still in Janesville. After 8 hours at the airport and an incident with security over my wife’s purse and waiting for a plane from New York that never arrived — which we were then going to hop on and fly back to NYC — our flight back to the Apple was canceled, a call was placed to Ma and Pa Fury and we were again picked up at the airport and brought back to southern Minnesota for two more days. All in all quite a day.

Some more links before I collapse into bed.

* This Tiger Woods-Sergio Garcia feud only gets weirder as the commissioner of the European Tour makes his own stupid statement.

* Shake Shack is becoming something of a chain even though the owner doesn’t want it to be a chain and people wonder if it could affect what everyone loves about the place. Shake Shack makes one of my two favorite burgers in all of New York City so I’m all for other people in this fine country having the chance to consume it (but still, give me Dairy Queen shakes).

* Speaking of burgers, Restaurant’s Extreme Burger Challenge Moved Down to Regular Menu.

* Teenagers hate Facebook. But they’re staying on it. I’m still not on Facebook.