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Instagram helped TV make this busted old Ford look sort of cool.

Today, a reading from the book of I Don’t Get It …

Popular photo sharing app Instagram – long an Apple-only item – became available on Android devices for the first time this week. And just a couple days later it was sold to Facebook for $1 billion dollars. Yes, Dr. Evil, that’s billion with a B.

Well, backlash also starts with a B and that’s precisely what ensued – at least, assuming social media offers an at least semi-accurate read into people’s opinions. (And I’m not that it does, but that’s a gripe for another day.) A whole bunch of folks were upset that the hip Instagram was going to go mainstream, that their timelines would get clogged and even that the newcomers wouldn’t understand how to do correctly use it.

Wait. What? (more…)

Huge week on deck, and not because I’ve got a six-pack of basketball games to cover and – Valentine’s Day reminder, fellas – one wife to woo.

Rather, I’m getting a new smartphone, an iPhone 4S, to be exact. Hear me out before cracking wise about South Dakota being stuck in 2007 in terms of technology.

I’m not just switching phones, I’m switching operating systems. Again. And that has become a big deal for most of us in 2012. In fact, just the other day I was trying to decide where a move like this ranks in terms of important changes in the life of a young professional. It’s not as big as getting married/divorced or having a child, but  it’s probably no lower than third on the list of material acquisitions behind buying a new house and car. (more…)