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I won’t get much sleep tonight. I’ll stay up later than planned, watching the replay of an odd-duck event that originally aired in tape-delayed format. That’s been the case each of the last five nights and will continue for 10-12 more. The Olympics are that captivating.

I love the already popular sports (soccer), the traditional Olympic sports (gymnastics) and the novelty sports (water polo … except for the underwater cam; proof that there is such a thing as too much TV coverage).

But only one sport’s schedule has earned entry into my iPhone calendar: Men’s basketball. Love it. Even watched the exhibition games. I was 13 when the Dream Team took Barcelona by storm, reclaimed the honor of American hoops and started a worldwide basketball movement. That’s part of why I’m so into it: The history and the smaller margin for error. (more…)

The Olympics are underway. Needless to say, TV and Fury are in all.

They lay it out all in this week’s podcast: What are their favorite events? Do they prefer stars or anonymous athletes? Who are the best announcers? Does they get patriotic while watching? And why can’t the Games be on 24 hours a day?

It’s all covered. Here’s the link.


Talk bad about Minnesota.

Belittle Janesville.

Make jokes about Hay Daze and the Doll in the Window.

Ridicule Saint John’s football. (Actually, no, don’t do that one. I’ll weep).

I can take a lot. But warning to former NBA players, current NBA writers, old NBA broadcasters and young NBA bloggers: Do not ridicule Magic Johnson’s playing career.

To be more accurate, don’t ridicule Magic’s playing ability while completely misrepresenting reality. Don’t be Clyde Drexler.


Time to watch The Tapes, our weekly review of stories that are worth your time:

* The self-promotion department asked that we bring your attention to the piece that TV wrote about Tim Miles, small-town South Dakotan turned Big Ten basketball coach. We’re not sure if Big Red will turn things around or not, but it won’t lack for personality. Miles is as charasmatic as they get.

* The Jerry Sandusky trial began this week. And we already can’t wait for it to end. The details are brutal, especially when coming from the alleged victims on the stand. Yes, this is America and everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but we think that, if found guilty, Sandusky should be brought up on additional charges for making people relive the alleged crimes. Of course, no decent person would commit these sort of alleged crimes to begin with, so for us to ask that he act reasonably and fess up in order to prevent further pain and suffering is non-sensical.
If you can stomach the coverage, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! has been all over the trial.

* It was (another) depressing week in journalism, as three Southern papers announced debilitating cuts. A former New Orleans reporter gave her account on cut day based on what went on in the newsroom.
TV got a very, very small taste of this during his trip to the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association awards weekend. He met a writer from Alabama. the reigning state sportswriter of the year. What’s his beat? He’s not sure anymore. The cuts caught everyone off guard in Birmingham. He traveled to North Carolina with his two children, and had no idea what to expect upon returning to work. This is the uncertainty facing even some of the finest in our field on a daily basis.

* NBA TV premiered an outstanding documentary about the 1992 Dream Team and you should definitely check it out if your cable provider has the channel. If they don’t, write a letter. Meanwhile, GQ had an oral history of the team. And next month, longtime SI writer Jack McCallum has a book coming out on the squad. My one quibble with one Dream Team member. Everyone knows Michael Jordan went to extremes to find motivation — witness his bizarre and uncomfortable Hall of Fame speech – but there’s a ridiculous statement in the documentary. Jordan says that as the Dream Team gathered, there were still many people saying, yeah, Jordan’s good, but he’ll never be Magic Johnson. No one was saying this in 1992. Magic had retired the year before and Jordan had just won two straight titles. People were already talking about him being the best ever. MJ used it as motivation as he battled Magic for alpha dog status, but I wanted my complaint noted.

* This piece is a few weeks old but I really enjoyed it and in light of the Rome-Stern conspiracy throwdown, worth a link. Patrick Hruby goes inside the world of sports conspiracy theorists. From the 1985 NBA Lottery to Game 6 of the 2002 to Super Bowl III.