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Team Tiny Miracles shirts: Now with extra swag.

Team Tiny Miracles shirts: Now with extra swag.

Things have been normal or something close to it at home for nearly a month. No difficult pregnancies, life-threatening illnesses, births, deaths or extended leaves from work. Just six people – half of them under the age of 3 – playing and laughing and eating and sometimes bickering and hardly sleeping. It’s been mostly glorious, the least eventful stretch my family has had in 3 years.

But now it’s time to pick a scab.


On Thursday night, the ultimate sports survivor gave up.

Lance Armstrong, seven-time winner of the Tour de France and cancer-fighting icon, stopped fighting the doping charges that have dogged him for years. He quit via press release.

There are only two logical conclusions to draw from this: Either the Texan truly is innocent or he’s trying out a new form of the non-admission admission. And we thought we’d heard them all before. (more…)

Forgive me, loyal readers, for posting this here (unless you like it – then by all means join in). I needed somewhere with a permalink …

Hey everyone,

There’s really no fun or interesting way to do this so I’m just going to spew out the details …

For the second year in a row, we’re rounding up friends, family members and strangers to participate in the Sioux Falls Marathon, Half Marathon and Miracle 5K in order to raise awareness and funds for premature babies. Our name: Team Tiny Miracles.

This year’s Team Tiny Miracles shirts. Purple is the color of premature baby awareness.

The event is scheduled for the morning of Sunday, Sept. 9 in Sioux Falls, and the race fee is $25 if you sign up by July 31, $30 if you sign up by Aug. 31 and $40 after that. You’ll receive a race shirt and post-race food. Further details can be found here:

When you sign up, please choose the team category – no matter what distance you’re planning to do – and select Team Tiny Miracles.

We’ll also be selling Team Tiny Miracles shirts for $20. Broken down, that’s $6 for cost and a $14 donation to the Breley Ann Vandrovec Endowment through Children’s Miracle Network. Breley is our middle daughter. She was born at 24 weeks gestation at 1 lb., 6 oz., and died two days later, buying just enough time to help her twin, Kailey, survive.

The shirts will have the same design as they did last year, except with reverse colors (purple shirts, white writing). Feel free to order a new shirt – whether you’re going to race or not – or reuse the old one. We’re grateful for your support either way.

Place your shirt orders via email ( or through an online sign-up sheet ( The deadline to decide is Aug. 22 (although we’ll likely order a couple extras). We’ll work out payment and shirt pick up as the orders come in.

Make sense? If not, don’t hesitate to email ( with questions. Last year’s event was beautiful and emotional – we’re really excited to do it again in honor of all the tiny miracles.

Thanks again.

Terry and Jessica Vandrovec