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Editor’s note: This is an abbreviated version of a longer original. Why? Because a WordPress glitch wiped out my work, and I’m too tired to start over. I trust you’ll be OK.

Newsflash: It’s weird for sportswriters to switch seasons. I was reminded of that over the weekend when the college football team that I cover had its season – the longest in school history – end with a road playoff loss.

Aside from the time spent watching games and practices, there’s no telling how many hours I spent considering that team from August through early December – the schemes, the injuries, the personalities, the opponents, the ACT scores, the facial hair, the past and the future. Thinking about thinking about a group of people that I’m not related to makes me feel uncomfortable. But it’s part of the job in the Internet era – monitoring Twitter, filing web-only version of stories, creating daily blogs and weekly podcasts plus press conference videos. Despite the drop in subscription numbers, I’ll argue to the death (is that possible?) that the current product put out by daily newspapers is better than ever due to the 24-hour news cycle, but the wear-and-tear on the talent is greater, too.

And then it ends, cold turkey. There aren’t withdrawals, per se, no vomiting or nausea – it’s more like running on a treadmill that suddenly gets unplugged. It takes time for our body to return to its resting heart rate. That’s where basketball season comes in handy – there’s no such buffer in the spring, a season that most athletes will admit is more low key, less electric.

This is a good thing, I suppose. It means we’re willing to become engrossed in our work and that, in some twisted way, we dread the end. Sure beats punching a clock.