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I actually thought of Pat Summerall during the Masters, during one of the intros he used to do. Just those little spots talking about the Masters on CBS, maybe with the sponsors mentioned. Jim Nantz handles those now, the same way he handles all the big events for CBS. I’m not as anti-Nantz as many people, who are either tired of his omnipresence or the little Nantzian puns that end the Final Four and the Masters. Nantz is no Summerall, but that’s hardly his fault. No one else was either, and no one can compete against the voice of the man who narrated our youth.


One of the favorite traditions at TVFury — perhaps second to the Secret Santa event we run for guest writers and commenters — is when we both write about a big event in an unoriginal, but easy-to-understand alternating format. So Monday night we went back and forth about the big BCS title game between Alabama and Notre Dame.

The game featured the top two teams in the nation and perhaps the two greatest programs in college football history. A lot of hype went into this game. So.


Did Brent Musburger buy stock in Honey Badger?

Hi again America,

The bloated college football bowl season came to an end Monday night with No. 2 Alabama blanking No. 1 LSU 21-0. In this case, blanking is a euphemism. Because this thing was ugly and awkward. Let me count the ways:

1. Holy Honey Badger. How many times did play-by-play guy Brent Musburger call LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu by his nickname, the Honey Badger? Too many, at the very least. Roughly 879, to be more exact. Come to think of it, those might have been the only words Musburger uttered all night. (To bite something I read on Twitter, anybody playing a Honey Badger drinking game would have died before the final whistle.) It was embarrassing. (more…)