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Do you like stories about things? Do you like links? Do you like links to stories? Here you go.

* Elmore Leonard died this week and there were a lot of great tributes. Here’s Anthony Lane in the New Yorker. Leonard was also famous for his rules on writing. And speaking of those rules, The Onion with a great obit.

* I’ve been talking with my uncle Jerry about what I’ll yell on tee shots when I go to the Barclays on Sunday, so people can know it’s me. Has to be distinctive. So I was thinking, “HAY DAZE!” (Note: I’m not going to do this). Jason Sobel actually talked to the idiots who scream things like “mashed potatoes.”

* Stereotypes of pickup basketball players. This is awesome.

* As I noted on Twitter, only seven decades after John Gagliardi figured this out, some NFL teams have learned you can actually practice in a different way.

* Jason Quick, who covered the Blazers for years, gave a fascinating interview about his time with the team.

* Wright Thompson with an outstanding story on the incomparable Dan Gable. 

* Which beer brands lead to the most emergency room visits?

* The New York Times on Lorne Michaels, the god of SNL.

* TV purchased a Chromecast in order to be able to watch the Internet on his TV. The Wall Street Journal grades that and other similar devices.

* The weirdos at Vice made a short film about some weirdos who use child poop to make wine.

* The New York Times spreads the lore of South Carolina linebacker Jadeveon Clowney.