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It’s been well chronicled that I, Terry Vandrovec, am barely a man.

I know nothing about cars, even less about hunting and fishing, can’t handle more than one beer per sitting and don’t have the sort of brute strength that’s supposed to come with age. In fact, I’m deathly afraid that my wife will someday give birth to a son because I’d be utterly worthless in teaching him how to do anything that involved A) fixing or building anything or B) getting dirty.

Not surprisingly, then, I played tennis in high school (and one semester in college … sort of) rather than football, although – to be fair – it was not country-club tennis, but a sort of street-rat version. My frigid hometown is located in one of the worst states for the sport in America and didn’t have an indoor facility, plus our coach was a woman who was more of a runner than a tennis player. (more…)