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Been a weird week on the work and personal fronts, turning TV and Fury into negligent parents in a sense. We’re sorry, passion project. We still love you, passion project. We’ll make it up to you, passion project.

And now the news:

  • Unlike Fury, TV has never written a book – he usually lives his life 15 inches at a time. (Take that whatever way you will.) However, this summer he was given a massive assignment: Putting together an in-depth series about sports psychology. It was a learning experience to say the least, and the project finally ran this week. Here’s the link. It’ll be interesting to see where things go in this field in the coming years – it hasn’t picked up as quickly as I figured it would, especially given how progressive the sports world tends to be when it comes to gaining a competitive advantage.
  • Facebook made some more changes this week, purportedly to prevent folks from bailing in favor of Google+, a platform that became open to the public this week.
    My take as a social media addict: There’s a fine line between making improvements and overdoing it. I don’t have an opinion on the Facebook changes yet because I haven’t had the time to check them out – there are too many.
    As for Google+, I got on board early and now hardly use it at all. Why? Because very few of my friends and/or readers use it. That’s a problem considering most of my social networking is work related; I need to be where my audience is. I’m not sold on the idea that folks are going to run away screaming from Facebook in favor of Google+ if only because old habits are hard to break. With that in mind, Facebook needs to be careful about making too many changes. If their platform becomes unrecognizable, almost foreign, then users might be willing to bail.
  • Fury here. Scroll back up to the top of the post. If you didn’t click on Terry’s link to his sports psychology series, please do. It’ll be one of the best things you read this century. Sorry, Bill Walton took over my computer for a brief second. But it will be one of the best things you read in a long while.
  • My view on the Facebook change is that it’s an outrageous intrusion on privacy and an ugly design. Also worth noting: I am not, and have never been, on Facebook. But I still enjoy having opinions about it, most of which are based on scenes that were fictional in The Social Network. Thankfully, one of us is aware that technology has advanced since the VCR added the SLP option on record. Which is why Terry’s been promoted to Technology Services Supervisor here at TVFury. There will be cake in the conference room. Bring your own plate.
  • An interesting piece in the New York Times looked at Topix, an online message board that many small towns have embraced, only to see it – not surprisingly, really – devolve into a place where vicious rumors spread and character assassinations take place every few minutes. Sounds so unlike the Internet.
  • I attended my first Lynx game on Thursday night – victory! It was a great time. Here’s a story on Lindsay Whalen, which focuses on her upbringing in Hutchinson. When I worked at the Worthington Daily Globe, I saw Whalen when she was a high school junior and Hutchinson played Worthington in the sections. Worthington had a guard who actually outplayed Whalen that night and the Trojans defeated Hutchinson. A few years later, Whalen became a Minnesota icon by resurrecting the Gophers women’s program. Now she’s one of the top players in the WNBA and is leading the only Minnesota sports team that isn’t an embarrassment to the fine citizens of the state. I predicted all of that in my game story after the Hutchinson-Worthington contest.