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If we learned anything Sunday in the NFC conference championship round it’s that football fans generally don’t like players on other teams.

How’s that for an epiphany? I mean, good luck finding insight like that anywhere else on the UltraNets.

By way of explanation, there are reasons to like all four semifinalists. The Patriots for their extended excellence and ability to get more wins from less talent; the Broncos for taking a chance on a supposedly kaput Peyton Manning and getting this far despite missing their head coach for part of the season due to health issues; the 49ers for revitalizing old-school methods – run the ball and defend like hell – in an era tilted toward the pass game; and the Seahawks for their undersized, underdog quarterback and ear-busting fans.  (more…)


That’s what I was doing, both literally and in text format, Sunday night at the conclusion of two three-point thrillers in the NFL’s conference championship weekend. And not because of anything scapegoats Lee Evans, Billy Cundiff or Kyle Williams did (or didn’t do).

Rather, I was annoyed at the lack of sportsmanship or class or dignity that was on display at the end of the Giants’ OT victory at San Francisco. Both teams were guilty. (more…)