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Welcome to this week’s links.

* Description will be weak on this one so please click on it to see the pictures. A former NASA guy created images that show what planets would look like from Earth if they were the same distance away as the moon. Again, description doesn’t do it justice. Just look at Jupiter and Saturn.

* Interesting story from Yahoo’s Kevin Iole about the Iron Sheik. You know him from hating America during wrestling events in the 1980s. The Sheik’s had a tough life.

* Brian Phillips with a fascinating piece about the surfaces on tennis courts and why those surfaces are the reason for the golden age of men’s tennis. But, he wonders, why doesn’t anyone mention this?

* Charlie Pierce on Aaron Hernandez. 

* Adrian Peterson says a Detroit player asked him what he was juicing with during his amazing 2012 season.

* The New York Times writes about the decline and fall of the English major.

* Interesting interview with Padraig Harrington, who talks Rory, Tiger and his own struggles.

* The 24 best sketches from Mr. Show.

* Wright Thompson writes about the 1972 terrorist attacks at the Olympics and the memories that still linger. 

* Kevin Van Valkenburg on 15-year-old Dylan Moses, a football phenom and sought-after recruit. 

* Nineteen years ago Thursday this was the cover of Sports Illustrated.

* This is weirdly awesome: A site that will give you coffee-shop sounds.

* Mad Men is done for the season. Here’s what creator Matt Weiner had to say about the finale.

The playoffs aren’t all that’s being chased in the NFL – several respected individual records have fallen or could fall in this week’s regular-season finale.

What’s more impressive – Adrian Peterson approaching the single-season rushing mark or Calvin Johnson topping the single-season record for receiving yards? TV and Fury discuss that and more in a podcast, featuring special guest Ty Vandrovec, who just might hold the record for lightest podcaster ever (5 lbs, 12 oz.)

Here’s the link.

With the way he runs and the numbers he compiles and the awe he inspires, Adrian Peterson draws comparisons to Jim Brown, Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith.

But the running back legend he might be most similar to? Barry Sanders. Unfortunately for Peterson and the Vikings, that has as much to do with their fates as it does their incomparable skills.

Peterson’s in his sixth season now. Only once — in 2009 with Brett Favre — has he shared a backfield with a quarterback who could match his own productivity or help the team thrive through the air the same way it dominates on the ground.