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Happy Labor Day weekend. I’ll be laboring on Monday, but what can you do against the man? On to the links.

* New York Magazine goes on the hunt for the reclusive author Thomas Pynchon.

* This shouldn’t make me chuckle as much as it does. New Yorker Cartoons with literal captions. Includes the famous pig complaining cartoon from Seinfeld.

* It was The Onion’s 25th birthday on Thursday. Here are 10 of its best headlines. 

* Evidence that Bobby Riggs might have thrown the Battle of the Sexes against Billie Jean King. 

* Andy Greenwald on the summer’s winners and losers in TV. 

* Tom Ziller on what Ricky Rubio ought to be as a player. (Hint: More like Luke Ridnour. No, not really).

* One of my favorite columnists has always been T.J. Simers at the LA Times. Simers hasn’t written since June. No one knows if he’s suspended, fired, on leave or what. Longtime colleague Mark Heisler details the situation.

* The Golf Channel wanted to know what people dreamed about on the golf course…on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech. It didn’t go over well.

* Aaron Hernandez could walk free. And here’s the big Rolling Stone feature on him.

* Some headlines just tell us where we’re at as a people in the year 2013. Like this one: Creator of the Foam Finger Deeply Upset with Miley Cyrus. 

* Anti-Friends graffiti has appeared in New York’s East Village. Poor Ross.

* Sports Illustrated’s Tim Layden profiles new Celtics coach Brad Stevens.

* Sports analytics pioneer Jeff Sagarin gave a rare interview to Sports Illustrated.

* The ESPN ombudsman weighs in on the Frontline flap.

* The Seattle Times lays out the humble beginnings of U.S. soccer star Clint Dempsey.


It’s time for the links. Print them out and use them to fan yourself.

* Great story on Jack Handey, who’s the envy of every comedy writer in America.

* Grantland celebrates Jeff Bridges — although not his new movie — with a YouTube Hall of Fame tribute. Wish there would have been some Jagged Edge action, though.

* From the LA Times, the tale of a man who has the signatures on 2,913 Sports Illustrated cover subjects and his quest for an unnamed model on a 1960 issue. And the sad followup.

* New York Magazine on the controversy over Rolling Stone’s cover with the Boston Bomber. 

* Fun piece from Patrick Reusse on nine lost traditions from baseball.

* Drew Magary on how America is ruining Johnny Manziel.

* Wright Thompson on a search for family history in Scotland.

* Dude wrestles shark.

* The Boston Globe on what life inside the joint is like for ex-Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.

* Grantland is in on the new Netflix show “Orange is the New Black.” TV is, too.

* Remember when TV did some extra work in a video? Here is the final product.

Welcome to this week’s links.

* Description will be weak on this one so please click on it to see the pictures. A former NASA guy created images that show what planets would look like from Earth if they were the same distance away as the moon. Again, description doesn’t do it justice. Just look at Jupiter and Saturn.

* Interesting story from Yahoo’s Kevin Iole about the Iron Sheik. You know him from hating America during wrestling events in the 1980s. The Sheik’s had a tough life.

* Brian Phillips with a fascinating piece about the surfaces on tennis courts and why those surfaces are the reason for the golden age of men’s tennis. But, he wonders, why doesn’t anyone mention this?

* Charlie Pierce on Aaron Hernandez. 

* Adrian Peterson says a Detroit player asked him what he was juicing with during his amazing 2012 season.

* The New York Times writes about the decline and fall of the English major.

* Interesting interview with Padraig Harrington, who talks Rory, Tiger and his own struggles.

* The 24 best sketches from Mr. Show.

* Wright Thompson writes about the 1972 terrorist attacks at the Olympics and the memories that still linger. 

* Kevin Van Valkenburg on 15-year-old Dylan Moses, a football phenom and sought-after recruit. 

* Nineteen years ago Thursday this was the cover of Sports Illustrated.

* This is weirdly awesome: A site that will give you coffee-shop sounds.

* Mad Men is done for the season. Here’s what creator Matt Weiner had to say about the finale.