The Tapes: Jan. 10

Posted: January 10, 2014 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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Typing this from a chilly Minnesota as I visit the family. This week’s links.

* Here’s the whole Dan LeBatard Hall of Fame kerfuffle. Deadspin reveals LeBatard is the one who gave away his vote. And then LeBatard lost his Hall of Fame vote.

* Sid Hartman had an estate sale.

* This was unique. JR Smith fined for untying the shoes of opposing players.

* Mein Kampf has become an e-book bestseller.

* Open offices are terrible for workers, decrease productivity and likely make them sick.

* Meryl Streep is not a fan of Walt Disney.

* At one point in time the Cincinnati Bengals were good.

* While we’re not bringing back the podcast of the week feature, we do suggest that you listen to – or maybe avoid? – the latest edition of This American Life. Among the topics: The legend that people are being sold calamari that’s actually pig rectum.

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