The Tapes: Jan. 3

Posted: January 3, 2014 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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If you’re reading this I survived the East Coast snowstorm. Although I guess that’s not necessarily true. Anyway.

* The Nets season continued to be a success. They didn’t have enough players to finish the game against the Spurs. Fortunately there were only .2 seconds left.

* Grantland with its wish list for the NBA for 2014.

* How did Isaac Asimov do 50 years ago when he predicted what the world would look like in 2014?

* People are mad about The Wolf of Wall Street but they should realize Martin Scorsese is no stranger to controversy.

* Screenwriters from this year’s Oscar favorites on the toughest scenes they wrote.

* O.J. Simpson might have brain cancer.

* How corpses shaped the London underground.

* A Breaking Bad fan who won a chance to hang out with the cast was busted on a drug charge.


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