Put down the shovel and read some links:

Nelson Mandela’s death is somehow shocking — even though he was 95 and in extremely ill-health. I can’t imagine what it’s like for South Africans like my wife and in-laws.

* Here is The New York Times obituary.

* Mandela’s struggle in posters.

* The Mexican golf course that overcame the drug cartels.

* Mandela’s impact on sports.

* And his life in pictures.

* Free samples of The New York Times’ Top 10 Books of the Year.

* Video of George Saunders and his office hours.

* Great, short NFL Films piece on Dr. Z Paul Zimmerman. And The Boston Globe on how the film came together.

* Noel Gallagher is mad. Sort of dog bites man, but still.

* The crazy tale of how T.J. Quinn eavesdropped on Barry Bonds’ grand jury testimony.

* Bryan Curtis on Jameis Winston.

* The World Cup draw will be held today. The New York Times explains how it works and why it matters.

* Grantland takes a look at the way people mourn, using the death of Paul Walker as the jump off.


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