Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Read these while eating a turkey sandwich.

* The New York Times on a case involving a police officer’s girlfriend who supposedly committed suicide but might have been murdered by the officer.

* Three new J.D. Salinger stories apparently leaked online.

* ESPN the Magazine’s Kevin Van Valkenburg on the week of an NFL coach, specifically John Harbaugh.

* Bryan Curtis on some of the great sports hoaxes.

* One of the great traditions: Patrick Reusse’s Turkey of the Year.

* My old boss Doug Wolter writes in the Worthington Daily Globe about why it would be a mistake for my old school Minnesota West to drop its football program in the wake of an ugly end-of-the-game brawl that ended the season.

* Michigan State coach Tom Izzo isn’t high on the new emphasis on calling touch fouls in men’s basketball.

* There’s a riddle floating around the Ultrawebs and nobody seems able to crack it. (Editor’s note: If you find the riddle because of this link and subsequently solve it, TVFury shall be owed half your winnings.)


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