This week’s links, presented in alphabetical order by chronological importance.

* Great SI cover story from Lee Jenkins on Kobe Bryant as he returns from his Achilles injury.

* What if all 32 NFL team mascots were fat?

* S.L. Price on the still-mysterious Yasiel Puig.

* From SB Nation, a streetballer’s cross country journey to play at Rucker Park.

* Manhattan finally has a third water tunnel, as workers just completed a 40-year project. 

* Does Harvey Weinstein help or hurt movies, from Grantland. 

* Gay Talese annotates his classic story Frank Sinatra Has a Cold.

* Dwight Howard’s mad that the Magic gave someone his No. 12. 

* Former Georgetown Hoyas – and Sioux Falls Skyforce star – Vic Page has been charged with 33 crimes in less than 4 years. He also lost an eye at some point. The Washington Post has the story. Sort of.

* The Kansas City Star reported on a really ugly tale involving an alleged sexual abuse being allegedly swept under the rug.

* When Sports Illustrated and ESPN cooperate, good things happen. Like this piece from Richard Deitsch with Bill Simmons.


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