The Tapes: Oct. 11

Posted: October 11, 2013 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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A fall chill is in the air in New York. Warm up with some hot links around the campfire.

* Fascinating piece in Believer magazine by Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah on Dave Chappelle. 

* From New York Magazine, how Wes Anderson made The Royal Tenenbaums.

* The Vikings find that $975 millions just isn’t enough for a new stadium. Not when you have to install those wind things that will blow you out the door like at the Dome.

* Back in 1977, St. Olaf and Carleton played a game where they used the metric system. 

* Chuck Haga was a great longtime writer for the Star Tribune and Grand Forks Herald. He is retiring and wrote a goodbye piece. 

* New York Magazine with a Q&A with two of the women who write dinosaur erotica. Tales like: Taken by the T-Rex. Adjust your Christmas wishlist accordingly.

* Amazing story in Wired on how social media is fueling the gang wars in Chicago. The wars aren’t happening in secret — gang members are happy to tweet and Facebook their crimes.

* Grantland’s YouTube Hall of Fame on Tom Hanks.

* I wrote about George Saunders at the New Yorker festival earlier this week. Here’s a little video of his chat.

* A story about Johnny Carson, his wife and, uh, Frank Gifford.

* Buzzfeed on 40 things every man over 30 should own. A record player? I own, like, 14 of the things. So I’m either not a man or not self-respecting.

* 32 disturbing and scary Halloween outfits from the past. Good lord. Enjoy your nightmares.


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