The Tapes: October 4

Posted: October 4, 2013 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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A double-dose of links? Yes. It’s part of our plan to transform into a news aggregator and get bought by Huffington Post.

* Patrick Reusse returned to Fulda for his 50th reunion and it was a bittersweet affair.

* Relive the night the Gophers blew a 28-7 fourth-quarter lead against Michigan and altered the course of the entire football program. Or stab yourself in the eye with a pen.

* Author Tom Clancy died this week in a Baltimore hospital. I read several of his books but, putting a twist on things, I usually enjoyed the movie adaptations more. The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, etc. Here’s an old review from 1994 of Christopher Buckley ripping on Clancy’s book Debt of Honor. 

* From A Wolf Among Wolves, can Derrick Williams be a small forward?

* Chris Jones on Michael Weiner, the MLB union’s executive director who is battling terminal cancer.

* SB Nation’s Evin Demirel on D3 football and its effect on liberal arts colleges.

* Andy Greenwald on Walter White’s legacy.

* Also in Grantland, Brian Phillips profiles Peyton Manning.

* As Michael Jordan continues his transformation into a Citizen Kane-type character, he talks about who could beat him one-on-one.


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