Brad Pitt unleashes Fury

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Fury is set in the waning days of World War II’s European theater and revolves around the five-man crew of an American tank named Fury that runs across a desperate German division. Pitt will play a battle-hardened sergeant named Wardaddy.

Somehow I had gone months without knowing that international superstar and celebrity papa Brad Pitt is starring in a movie that was named after me. I only learned about it Monday when I saw breathless reports about the always-handsome Pitt cutting his hair for the role.

So apparently the tank that the Americans use is named Fury, meaning this isn’t a remake of the old comic book character Sgt. Fury. Instead it’s a different Fury, still fighting the Nazis. The movie is supposed to be an honest, harsh look at what life was like for soldiers. It’s scheduled to come out in November 2014. To me that sounds like a movie the studio thinks could be Oscar-worthy. Meaning in February 2015 we could hear Jack Nicholson — yes, wearing his sunglasses indoors — saying, “And the Oscar goes to…(Nicholson grin)…Fury.” Maybe.

2014 could be a big year for the Fury clan. I’m not sure of the latest production news, but the newest Mad Max production is called Fury Road, starring Tom Hardy. It seems unlikely two movies with Fury featured prominently in the title would hit theaters a few months apart. So perhaps the Pitt movie changes or maybe the Mad Max film gets pushed back. But what kind of producer would run away from a name like that? Simple, short, looks great on a poster, sounds great verbalized.

Fury doesn’t guarantee success on the big screen. Balls of Fury, anyone? And the name can disappoint, or at least the people claiming it. The Warriors came on cable again last week and I again had to watch the Baseball Furies get dismantled by our heroes, even though they’re running around with baseball bats. I think the Furies are the creepiest gang in that movie, which is littered with nightmare-inducing groups like the guys on roller skates touring the New York City subway system. The makeup and uniforms, along with the scary-skinny frames of the gang members, who played ball before PED use became a regular thing, create an intimidating presence, which utterly crumbles when the boys actually step between the lines. The Warriors dispatch the Furies with ease and the only way I’ve been able to move on from that name shaming is by telling myself real Furys would simply add an s to make it plural; these Baseball Furies must have been from a different part of the family that never changed the spelling.

On September 24, ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D debuts. Samuel Jackson played Nick Fury in The Avengers but doesn’t have a role in the TV series, though he’s talked about wanting one, even if it’s just a cameo. You bring Samuel L. Jackson in when you need a little swagger. Samuel L. Jackson playing a character named Fury? Why wouldn’t he become a part of the show?

I probably take too much pride in my last name, considering I didn’t choose it, even though a couple of people over the years have asked me if it was a pen name. But still I claim it, taking in the jealous expressions from those who hear it for the first time. The only problem is people might expect me to live up to the full definition of the name. They perhaps expect me to be filled with intense, disordered, often destructive rage. Somewhere in the world there is a Fury who acts like that, but it’s not me. I feel it’d bring dishonor to the name; let it speak for itself.

One of my wife’s authors coined the phrase Team Fury for all of her writers and it caught on in their communications. It’s occasionally a hashtag on Twitter, the ultimate seal of approval or a sign that’s something gone too far. Someone drew illustrations, complete with Team Fury banners and everything. Louise’s eager acceptance of the Team Fury moniker offers further proof that she wasn’t totally joking when she married me for the last name.

She’s not alone in recognizing its power.

I’m not sure what kind of movie Brad Pitt’s going to be in next November, although, Meet Joe Black aside, he has a pretty good track record. But if Fury does flop at the box office or the critics savage the direction or the choreography, please don’t blame the title. That part’s perfect.


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