I actually got a little chilly on Wednesday night after playing some pickup hoops. Summer will end soon. And winter is coming (but not Game of Thrones, not for many months, sadly). Onto the links.

* It’s the first profile of Jim and Jeanie Buss since Jerry Buss died. What kind of future does it paint for the Lakers? Umm.

* Hunter S. Thompson’s Harrowing, Chemical-Filled Daily Routine.

*  I love this. The very first issues of 17 famous magazines, from Time to People to ESPN the Magazine. Designs change just a bit.

* Bryan Goldberg, who created Bleacher Report, is starting a new website for women. People have not been impressed.

* The Atlantic examines why ESPN is so dominant.

* Drew Magary on the Vikings. Always fun.

* Some guy in Bolivia might be 123 years old. These oldest people in the world stories always enthrall me, even though they’re all exactly the same and many times you don’t know whether it’s even true. “Look, old person. How do they do it?” “I walk. Drink. Eat.”

* Charles Simic on some of his favorite finds at used book stores.

* The diminutive Aaron Rodgers — copyright RandballsStu — with an interesting Q&A with Peter King. 

* Great story on Zander Hollander, who edited the old NBA and MLB Handbooks back in the day. I still have five or six basketball ones in boxes in my parents’ house.  Here’s what I wrote about the books a few years ago.

* Courtesy of New York Magazine, 10 subway tricks and tips, in GIFs.

* Grantland has the square’s guide to the Kendrick Lamar call-out situation, the biggest story in rap at the moment.

* Steve Kerr thinks he has found a way to fix the NBA Draft Lottery and eliminate tanking.

* The Babe Ruth 13-year-old World Series is being held in a North Dakota boom town, creating an odd situation. Our old pal Dave Kolpack has the story.


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