Some quick links this week:

* Interesting story in The New Yorker: Trial by Twitter. Focuses on the infamous Steubenville rape case.

* Also from The New Yorker, a little different angle on The Godfather. Was it a bad influence on cinema?

* The University of Oregon’s new football complex is, of course, ridiculous. I’m terrified to see what St. Thomas does to match it.

* A great profile of the late NASCAR driver Dick Trickle.

* Twenty-two ingenious ways to improve the subway system.

A Grantland piece lays out precisely what the U.S. did and didn’t accomplish in winning the somewhat confusing Gold Cup tournament. Unofficially, TV agrees with pretty much all of it.

* In other soccer non-news, some MLS players bit the Super Bowl Shuffle for a tongue-in-cheek rap video to promote their annual all-star game. Word.

* The Associated Press – remember them? – has discovered that America is having a hard time getting rid of at least 10 suspected Nazi war criminals.



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